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E-Ink and Thinkpad Line

Just saw the announcement for the new ThinkBook with E-Ink on the cover.  What a wonderful idea!     But with the missing trackpoint and thinkpad quality, it will have to be a pass for me.  


I really enjoy the recent products which incorporate the e-ink screen and I believe the new ThinkBook got it right.     Would love to see a Thinkpad model with this implementation.


My dream T or X Thinkpad?

3:2 (or 16:10) screen

E-Ink Lid\Cover with a possible swivel or twist center hinge. 


As a writer and coder, being able to use a thinkpad keyboard with an e-ink screen (when needed) would be a dream.    Attached is my makeshift solution, X301 with a hacked DPT-RP1.



Lenovo Staff
Status changed to: Not able to implement



Thanks for your post.  This page is intended for feedback and suggestions on the Lenovo XClarity System management Software suite, which is not directly related to the Thinkpad product line.  So I'm closing this suggestion since it does not apply to our product.  


Your ideas and feedback are important, though, and I would suggest you post this on one of the ThinkPad forums, which you can find here:






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