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Make chassis/racks clickable in servers view

In hardware>servers view.

it would be nice to have clickable links to the chassis and racks, so it would take you directly to its view

Lenovo Staff
Status changed to: Tell Us More

Hi Mavatko, thanks for your input.


Can you be more specific about what you mean?  All the servers in the list at Hardware->Servers should be clickable to reach server details (from the blue links under Server Name).  Individual servers in Rack and Chassis views should also be clickable.  If you are not seeing that capability let me know what LXCA version and browser type/version you are using.  




Fanfold Paper


Correct. Servers, even IMM IPs in the list are clickable, but not their parent chassis. 


I'm talking about Servers view. 

Lenovo Staff
Status changed to: Considering Implementation

We've put this into our planning backlog.