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Merge LXCI and LXCA

Hi team


It would be great to deploy only one appliance for the same purposes to use LXCI and LXCA. As we have strictly seperate testing from production environment, we have to deploy two appliances for each application, which makes a total of 4 appliances.


I think the "intelligence" of LXCI could be integrated easily in LXCA which would result in easier management (example: it would not be necessary to add LXCA in the vSphere Web Client under the LXCI settings anymore).


Thank you,


Lenovo Employee



This is an item currently in our backlog. We're glad to hear the idea, which resonates with us, from you. We don't have a date for it yet. But the planning team is working on it. And sounds from field will always lift up its priority. It's tracked as LXCIVM-663 in our backlog for prioritization.


Title: As a user, I want to install one appliance which includes both LXCA and LXCI.


Description: As a user, I want to deploy one VM appliance. And the appliance could include both LXCA and LXCI. So that I don't need to deploy them separately with two separate VMs and configure them twice.


If the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, feel free to provide additional comments. At the point this idea is implemented, it will be moved to "Implemented" and the release provided will be updated. Thank you for participation and idea!

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Status changed to: Considering Implementation
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