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OS (Esxi) Deployment through imm\xcc\cmm only

in the last few xClarity versions, 2.4 &2.3 Esxi Deployment take long time because of a new 10 minutes timeouts to report status to the xClarity. (maybe in purpose the xClarity have access only to the xcc\imm and not to the os)


usually it take up to 30 minutes to install Esxi host using imm\xcc mount ISO option.


using the xClarity it take up to 1.5 hour. 


the idea is to reduce the timeout to maximum 1 min, and keep with the installation process. 


more questions about the Esxi deployment process,

why stop the installation if all the vNic are offline?

why stop the installation if there are suitable disks with raid config for OS installation & another disks without raid config?


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someone is going to address my idea?
Lenovo Staff
Status changed to: Not able to implement



Thanks for the feedback on Deployment times.   Deploying via LXCA is meant to be an unattended process and the delays you experience make this process more reliable.