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One Time Boot



As far as i know, its possible to set one time boot only from the IMM/XCC Web interface.


there is no option to do so from the IMM/XCC command line, and isn't possible from CMM or xClarity.


it will be really helpful if i couled use command line to one-time boot the server to PXE.



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Thank for you the idea.  Before going further for review, can you elaborate on the use case where this feature would be used?  The additional information will assist in the review and write up. 

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while using different deployment server than xClarity & server already installed it will be needed to boot the server to pxe once for connecting it to the deployment server and then the server will need to boot from local disks.
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After further searches on information, it seems there may be a couple options for your use case:

  1. On XCC/IMM, system>pxeboot -en enabled
  2. On LXCA, REST API by ordering the PXE Network bootOrderDevice at the top of the list and setting the bootType to "SingleUse".


Do either of these existing interfaces help the use case?


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So if ill execute

pxeboot -en enabled

And reboot the server it will boot once to pxe and on the seconde boot it will boot normally?

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After a quick ping to clarify the information in the help, the configuration is a one time setting so further reboots will be normal.  Here are a couple more links to cli and ui help on the topic as well:

Let me know if this method works for you or not along with if a clarification is need in the help.


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Status changed to: Not able to implement



This is being moved to "Not able to implement" due to lack of response to the last update with the options available.  If the links previously provided do not satisfy your request, please do respond with additional information to reopen.

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The commnd "pxeboot -en enabled"

Is working.


But the option to do one time boot to pxe is possible only through imm gui & ssh.


It is not possible to do so from neither from xClarity or cmm


Please consider to add this option at list to the xclarity.

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Status changed to: Acknowledged

Very glad to hear the option listed did work for you.


Regarding the additional option to perform the action from XClarity Administrator, the idea will be reviewed by the planning team.

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Great Smiley Very Happy

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Status changed to: Tell Us More

After review end of last week, the team seems to believe the pxeboot -en enabled option is the only remain gap to mirror the features available from the firmware.  Can you confirm from your perspective?


You also have the "Boot server to Bios from any current state" idea which actually appears to overlap with this idea.  Can you clarify how this idea is different or if we should close to streamline the communication to the development team?