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[REQ]Lenovo XClarity Integrator Hardware Management Pack for SCOM PostgreSQL setup improvement


I may miss something, but can you please change the default data path of PostgreSQL or ask a path to the user during the setup ?

Because C:/Users/username/postgresql_data is not very corporate Smiley Happy

Lenovo Employee

It has already been moved to "C:\Programdata\Lenovo\postgresql_data" on Windows 2016 and later. Does it look good to you ? Smiley Happy

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Status changed to: Tell Us More

See last post for comments.

Punch Card

I will say it's good when you want to install it without customization (next next next finish)....


  1. When you have multiple partitions (e.g. one for the OS, one DATA, ....), the OS partition size is normally sized to handle the microsoft update and that's all.
  2. I've no difficulty to change the data of postgreSQL by editing the service path, but it looks like home tuning.
Lenovo Employee

The planning team has reviewed and requested this move forward in process for consideration in a future release.  It will be tracked as LXCISCOM-500 in our backlog for prioritization. 


Title: As a user, I want to change the installation directory of PostgreSQL data when I install SCOM LXCI


Description: Allow user to change the default installation directory of PostgreSQL data when user installs SCOM LXCI.



If the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, feel free to provide additional comments.  At the point this idea is implemented, it will be moved to "Implemented" and the release provided will be updated.


Thank you for participation and idea!

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Status changed to: Considering Implementation

Status of idea updated to align with the tracking to the backlog.

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