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error acknowledgement

It would be nice to acknowledg an error, so that the status or job indicator sign is going back to green.

Today, I have to delete the job with the fault to go back to the green status and so some importent information is lost.



Former Employee
Status changed to: Tell Us More

Just want to make sure I understand the request:

  • Admin runs a job #1
  • Job #1 fails for some reason
  • Admin investigates the issue with job #1
  • Admin runs the job again (job #2) after correcting the issue
  • All is good at this point but the job #1 still showing a failure. 
  • At this point, Admin would like to:
    • Select the job that failed
    • Do a change of state to indicate it has been resolved
    • Job #1 would then show resolved instead of failed and not be red.

Please indicate if this is a correct understanding or provide correction.


Thank you.

Blue Screen Again

yes, exactly - that would be very nice!

Former Employee
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you!  This will be reviewed by the offering team.

Former Employee
Status changed to: Considering Implementation

The planning team has reviewed and requested this move forward in process for consideration in a future release.  It will be tracked as LXCA-4080 in our backlog for prioritization.

Title: As an administrator, I need the ability to change the status of a failed job once the issue has been resolved so that other administrators do not work the issue.

Description: Administrators closely monitor the job status to make sure the operation needing to perform to successful completion. When a job fails, the issue is investigated, corrected and performed again until successful completion. The failed job remains in the jobs list making it appear as if more work needs to be done. As an administrator, I should have the ability clear the failure.

Acceptance Criteria:   
Resolve option only available on failed jobs.

Allow hiding of resolved jobs in the job list

Resolve available on individual system in a multiple targeted job.

When all targets are not resolved and some are still failed, the status must remain failed with partial resolution.

Target results section of job details should have new column or indicator of which are failed, success, resolved and so on.

After a restart of the appliance, the jobs must maintain the resolved status.

If the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, feel free to provide additional comments.  At the point this idea is implemented, it will be moved to "Implemented" and the release provided will be updated.

Thank you for participation and idea!

Former Employee
Status changed to: Implemented

This idea is now part of our recently release XClarity Administrator 2.1.0 release. 


Check out the Lenovo XClarity Administrator version 2.1.0 announcement in the community for more information.