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Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse - problem with the wheel functions (Windows 10)

Basically, the wheel scrolling/click functions on my Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse don't work with any program that I run as an admin or any programs that have the UAC blue/yellow shield icon on the shortcut or exe. I've tested this by running different games in and out of admin, and everything works fine out of admin. However, for the applications that have the UAC shield on the icon, there isn't anything I can to do to get the mouse scrolling working, despite them not being set to run as admin.

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Re: Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse - problem with the wheel functions (Windows 10)

Hi, welcome to the forum.


I don't have that mouse, but just in case are you using the latest driver for it (version 1.19).

It is available on the support site:


Just in case give it a try.



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Re: Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse - problem with the wheel functions (Windows 10)

Getting the new driver did not fix the scroll wheel problem. It has to be the most annoying thing ever. Does anyone have any actual fixes? I've contacted lenovo at least 5 times and they have no fix for me. Won't even send me a new mouse!! So Angry, never gonna be a customer again!~

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Re: Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse - problem with the wheel functions (Windows 10)

To understand this better - Are you saying that you are not the admin on your PC when you log in?


Which games/applications are giving you trouble?


Are these Steam games or any other client?


Did you install the games as an Admin account and now are logged in as a different user?


Have you cutomized the scroll wheel to be used as anything else? (in Lenovo software/Windows mouse settings)

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Re: Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse - problem with the wheel functions (Windows 10)

Same problem, on a Lenovo Y700 Touch 15ISK, running Windows 10 x64 Version 1703 Build 15063, with Y Gaming Precision Mouse, Driver Version 1.19. Behavior persists even when no custom functions or macros are assigned to the mouse.


An example would be the Windows Device Manager. Scroll wheel non-functional when navigating expanded device tree.


Note: Disabling the Y Gaming Precision Mouse software from startup and rebooting seems to restore mousewheel functionality in all applications, but so doing cripples its extra buttons and macro functionality.





Okay, after some experimenting, I was able to get the Y Precision Gaming Mouse wheel to work in Administrator-Privileged applications with the Gaming Mouse software running.


The "hid.exe" process in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo Y Gaming Precision Mouse" (which starts up upon login to run the Gaming Mouse Software in the system tray) must be run as an Administrator. Tested by right-clicking the "hid.exe" file, and under Properties> Compatibility, checking "run this program as an administrator" and restarting the computer.


However, this is not optimal, because it results in a UAC prompt every time you log in.


My workaround was to disable the mouse software startup in Windows Task Manager, and create a Scheduled Task in Windows Task Scheduler that launches the "hid.exe" process with Administrator privilges upon every login, instead. This eliminates the UAC prompt and gives the mouse wheel full function in Administrator privileged apps.


This solution, while achieving the desired effect, is not optimal for non-technical users unfamiliar with Task Manager and Task Scheduler.


The Y Precision Gaming Mouse software and driver package needs to be updated so that the application's startup is handled as a Scheduled Task and not a Windows Startup entry. Otherwise, it seems to work fine, so no other changes should be required.



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