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Serious problems with Lenovo y27G, but y27F it's ok

Hi all,

First I introduce myself. I am a client of Amazon Spain and last month I bought the Lenovo y27F monitor, the FreeSync version of this monitor. Very happy with it, I decided to also buy the Gsync version on offer: Lenovo y27G. To my great regret, I have found many failures with this monitor.

The y27G monitor presents a lot of ghosting compared to the Y27f. I tried to change the DisplayPort cable for the HDMI cable, but it does not solve anything. I have also tried to disable and activate the Gsync, and does not solve anything either. In the option "Overshoot" if I activate the option "Extreme", I see a lot of inverse ghosting, the colors lose their original tonality (the color orange turns violet, the color blue in purple ...). It is awful.

If I put the "Normal" option in "Overshoot", there is also an unacceptable ghosting. If I deactivate "Overshoot", the ghosting is even greater and becomes dizzy and has even caused me to be fatigued.

I do not know the reason, but I do not have any of these problems with the Lenovo y27f. Can it be a problem with the monitor's firmware version? The configuration menu of the Lenovo y27F is different from the Lenovo y27G, but I do not know if this will have anything to do with the problem. The fact is that I am very disappointed with this purchase, as I thought I was not going to have any problems and the Y27G version is full of problems.

1. Lenovo Spain does not have this cataloged monitor on the web, so I can not contact the manufacturer.

2. If there was a post-sales and technical service in Spain, would there be any possibility of changing the Gsync model to the FreeSync model?

I have the corresponding purchase invoices.

I await your quick response; This has me very sorry.

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Re: Serious problems with Lenovo y27G, but y27F it's ok

If you want to return it to purchase a different version, you should contact Amazon. The monitor might be faulty or incompatible with your setup for some reason.

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