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What's DOS?
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YG27 RE - Weird issue.

I recently purchased the YG27 RE monitor, great monitor so far and solid quality but a slight issue I can't figure out what the cause is.


Basically it happens at random where the colors start displaying wrong like Black gets a Blue tint, and White gets a Yellow tint, I've tried with different DP cables and it's happened but it happens at random, and the fix is for me to unplug the monitor and replug it.


There's no signs of overheat from the monitor and this issue didn't happen with my old monitor so I can't figure out what causes it with the YG27.


I have my PC connected via DP and my PS4 connected via HDMI. I notice it's usually when I'm on my PC when it happens and not on my PS4, is there something going on with the DP that causes it?


I'll try to take a photo when it happens again and update my thread but would like to know if anyone has experienced the same.


I have a GTX 1080 and I don't think it's the issue at all, I'm just baffled that the easiest fix for it is simply hard powering off and on the monitor. Like some sort of surge in the connection just throws off the whole thing. Otherwise everything runs smooth, no ghosting or anything, backlight bleed is minimal, no clouding.



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Re: YG27 RE - Weird issue.

Hello SVCUE,


are you running on your PC the Lenovo Artery App which is smth similar to Lenovo Nerve Sense / Center, but just for the monitor? I know I did read that when the App isn't installed, the monitor reverts the color settings if you set them up on the monitor directly.


Best regards,


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Die Meinungen, die ich hier zum Ausdruck bringe, sind, falls nicht anders explizit ausgedrückt meine eigenen und es handelt sich um keine offizielle Stellungnahme von Lenovo.


Es ist wichtig zu betonen, dass die Foren die Ressourcen von Lenovo ergänzen aber den offiziellen Service nicht ersetzen. Eine Liste der Servicenummern kann unter dem folgenden Link gefunden werden: Telefonische Unterstützung

What's DOS?
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Re: YG27 RE - Weird issue.

I have the same issue. Mainly get yellow/greenish colors on the screen.

Unrelated to graphics card, if I let my PC running and disconnect and reconnect the screen power cable it is fine again.

If I just turn off the screen for a minute and turn it on again it doesn't help, but for a few hours it does.


Problem mostly turns up after 1-2 hours of gaming.

Paper Tape
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Re: YG27 RE - Weird issue.

i have the same problem. artery is installed. on windows 10.

What's DOS?
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Re: YG27 RE - Weird issue.




I have same problem with my Lenovo y27g .


I try 2 brand new DP cable and other monitor in DP port. Only y27g has this issue.

Any solution or take back the product to shop?





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