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problems in the lenovo image Y27F

hello forum people, I recently bought a Lenovo Y27F NEW monitor, in some scenarios of some games (not all), when I move the camera and move from place, the colors of the corners, doors, walls, as they stand out and It makes very remarkable, when they come out of their angle, does anyone know what this is? Do you know if it can be configured? also sometimes when this happens it has a purple background color, do you know any solution?































































































































































another problem is that every time I turn off the monitor, in the speaker sounds the sound of windows that have been disconnected something, always happens every time I turn it off and turn on, sometimes I turn it off, and when I turn it on again, I have to turn it off again and turn it on again because it keeps the orange LED, it is as if the DP were disconnected every time I turn it off and turn it on, does anyone know what this is?



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Re: problems in the lenovo image Y27F


the phenomenon you're describing is called ghosting. I'm afraid there won't be anything you could do to get rid of the effect. You could try using the different modes that the monitor offers - gaming mode should reduce this. Also, what can lead to a reduction in ghosting, is setting a higher refresh rate. Just btw., are you playing PUBG with the command "-refresh 144" under "Launch options" in Steam? This is necessary in order to force the game to run on the desired refresh rate.

The sound you are describing is the Windows notification which indicates that a device has been disconnected / re-connected - in this case it is the monitor. Laptops are usually doing this when you close / open the machine, nothing unusual.

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Die Meinungen, die ich hier zum Ausdruck bringe, sind, falls nicht anders explizit ausgedrückt meine eigenen und es handelt sich um keine offizielle Stellungnahme von Lenovo.


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