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Lenovo Yoga Book - some questions

Hi everybody, ever since a friend showed me the Lenovo Yoga Book online I've been in love with the device. I'm a big note taker and writer, and I think this could be perfect for me. However, I live abroad in a country where they don't sell the Lenovo Yoga Book. I'm soon going for a short visit to the Netherlands where I can finally see (and most likely buy) it, but I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to figure out from searching online (and I will not have enough time in the Netherlands to keep going to the shop Smiley Very Happy). 


I am interested in buying the Android version. First of all, because I am buying it as a tablet and not a laptop; second because of the 100 euros price difference (yes, welcome to Europe...) and third because of the ability to take notes in tablet mode with the screen off. However, I struggle to find out how to digitalize handwriting notes and I read contradicting statements on this. 


From handwriting to text

As I understood, you can't digitalize (meaning change handwriting into text) with the app that Lenovo installed (Note Saver). Is that correct? If that is the case, I am looking for a programme that can do this. Does it exist for Android? I've been looking into OneNote. Is it possible to write using OneNote and then convert the handwriting to text? Or do you know of any other apps? Evernote for example? Furthermore, when using those apps (especially OneNote), can you convert it do a .doc document? 


Taking notes

Another thing in terms of taking notes: Isn't it hard if you, when you don't use paper, keep track of where you have been writing? I saw people make amazing drawings, exactly knowing where to put the pen, but it seems rather difficult to me. Anybody had a problem with this? (especially when you fold the tablet and only use the writing side, without the screen). Oh and if you take notes without the screen, is it only possible to do it in Note Saver?



I'm also wondering if you can connect it to a bluetooth mouse (I understood the scroll pad isn't that great). 


I think that's it for now, thank you in advance!

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Re: Lenovo Yoga Book - some questions

Yep, you can use any program like OneNote to jot down notes. I tried it with OneNote, Google Keep, and FiiNotes, and they all work. After using it a few times, writing things down even though it's not on paper becomes second nature. It becomes a little more challenging when you flip it to just the create pad side, without a reference on the screen (I would recommend using the pen tip to write on paper in this mode). I haven't found a way to write with the screen off on OneNote, it seems like only Note Saver has that feature. And there's bluetooth, so you can connect it to a bluetooth mouse if you'd like (mine's connected to a Logitech MX Master)


Feel free to ask me any questions about the Yoga Book (I love mine Smiley Happy

Eric Xu

I'm a Lenovo forums advocate and brand advocate (Lenovo INsider). I'm a volunteer; I don't work for Lenovo.

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