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What's DOS?
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?



At least Lenovo could issue security patches 3-4 times per year, not that time consuming. But they failed us even there.


OT, regarding inconsistency of Android support and upgrades on various devices, major players are pushing it to project treble, so device will update itself regardlessly of vendor, as long as it supports treble.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

Hey Gang, I just purchased the Yoga Book (Android) from QVC UK at a good price (Black Friday)


I am currently sat with my neighbour whos Samsung Tab just updated to Oreo 8.1 - it's over one and a half years old.


So I did a search here about the Oreo 8.1 update and found this thread.


The sales person on QVC did not mention that the Yoga Book will receive no new updates after 7.1?


If that is indeed the case I will be returning it. All be it with a heavy heart as I do love the form factor of the Yoga Book.


Any advice would be MUCH appreciated - Regards Gary



Punch Card
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

I'm finished with Lenovo.  When I first purchased the YogaBook, I was a big fan.  But if you can't provide support (e.g. - software updates, security updates, bug fixes [apps no longer dowloading]) for a product past one year, I'm out.  Lenovo fails miserably with customer service.


It's a shame too, because this forum/community has been most helpful, and the YogaBook itself is a wonderful product.

Paper Tape
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

Hi there,


The Yogabook will be my last Lenovo device, because it's absolutely ridiculous. There have been only limited updates to it and it's an absolute joke how short of a time this device was supported and updated.

Because of my bad experience as a private customer, I've also removed Lenovo from our list of hardware suppliers in the office. Because how am I supposed to trust in quick support for our enterprise hardware if they don't even get consumer support right?



Paper Tape
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

What makes Lenovo feel users will ever buy a 2nd generation YogaBook when Lenovo has never supported the first one. Not one update. 


It's not just this product,  Lenovo never update or support any of their Products. Once released, instantly forgotten. 


No matter how many people complain on this forum,  Lenovo do nothing and again that applies to all products. This whole forum is just bunch of frustrated users talking to other and very occasionally a Lenovo representative  saying, "yeah, but nothing's ever going to happan". What they should say is, Yeah, we got ya money, now go and (polite version)... Take a hike!  

What's DOS?
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

hi, recently i just saw this forum and at first i clearly dissapointed because i also had an android yoga book. but maybe i have an idea which is lenovo can provide an installation guide or driver for us android yoga book owner to support windows so we have optoin either we want to update to windows or keep an android os. because as far as my knowledge there are ways to switch to windows, but because there are no official driver for official windows keyboard support and touch support from lenovo, we can't use the touchscreen feature and holo keyboard feature when we installed windows on android yoga book.


in my opinion, it is a wise move from lenovo if they can provide driver or installation guide for us. either it is free or there is some payment to upgrade for windows, it is actually fine by me.


i really hope lenovo could think of it. thank you for your attention...

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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

Paper Tape
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

The new joke from Lenovo, I have an email from them about my warrantie expiring and when try to extend, the message is: We're sorry, there is no warranty available to your purchase 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

I remember when Lenovo was IBM and like HP, IBM Thinkpads would have continued support for years ... often times up to 6-8 years ... and even after that, all original manuals, drivers etc are still avail for download.

What's DOS?
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

  1. Yes. This is indeed dissapointing. If I was to give a brief description of Lenovo products it would be great disposable devices. I bought this tablet and probably got one update after i bought it. That was about it. Soon after bought myself a Thinkpad thinking it was the most appropriate professional device. Well same story. Cant seem to accomodate all the users and they refuse to update their buggy Bios to support Linux...have also a thinkpad workstation. I had in mind turning over all of our office equipment into Lenvo but that idea is now forgotten. This Yogabook hardware is still good to get some love from Lenovo. I hope they make it happen or count me out from their ecosystem as well 



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