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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

While I agree that this is dissapointing I also understand that there might be hardware limitations to consider in regards to new versions of Android.  Appart from that, it's still unfortunate that Lenovo left users with a bug-infested final update and never bothered to release any patches.   Even more dissapointing is that they released the new Yoga Book C930 with the e-ink display but only made a Windows version of it.  I was really hoping that a new Yoga Book would emerge with the lastest Android OS.


At this point, if Lenovo does release a new Android based Yoga Book it'll either restore my faith in the company or be the nail in the proverbial coffin of my business dealings with them.   


It seems that all too often Lenovo releases products that feel more like half-baked prototypes, than fully polished gems.  And then they neglect to release patches to fix bugs for said products.  So if Lenovo can't get the next iteration of the Yoga Book Android Tablet right, then I'm done with them.

Paper Tape
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Re: Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

Where did you get that there are harware limitations to consider upgrading our YB to Android, not just 8, even 9? I think your are being too patient giving them another chance for another YB upgraded iteration. The best thing you can do it's jumping to another brand, I guess. 

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