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Blue Screen Again
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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot



Na und !?!




Bei mir jedenfalls GEHT! ALLES!


Also, liegt es an ANDROID! Oder den TREIBERN! Dafür,

ganz einfach, an der Hardware eben NICHT!


Und da ich auch PROBLEME! mit WiFi und LTE! hatte,

lag es bei MIR! Nur an den TREIBERN!





Serial Port
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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot

Sorry guy,
Few people read German here, and this discussion is dedicated to the Android Yoga Book, in the Android Yoga subforum.
Feel free to launch a new discussion for the Windows Yoga Book elsewhere ...
Fanfold Paper
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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot

I didnt have this problem in the beginning. When I started to have it I also noticed sometimes the button to toggle wireless on and off would be greyed out.


I sent it for warranty repair and they replaced the motherboard.


It's been good ever since.



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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot

So, I'll quickly fill you in on Joelkind's reply in German...


his argument is that because it was fixable with drivers on Windows, this is a strong indication that we are not talking about a hardware issue, cause it was solved with driver updates only.


Therefore on Android it should also be fixable with driver/bios updates. He has a point there, although in my original issue I suggested a hardware problem as we see this issue on both OSs. However, as this is fixable on Windows I bet now on a radio issue or bios issue (sleep modes for hardware), that can be solved by understanding what exactly is happening to the WIFI radio when it gets put into sleep mode. I don't know whether the Android Bioses are the same as the PC Bioses which I am more familiar with from back in the day, but due to the similarity of the platfrom (linux) I imagine that they do things similarly... As such they would need to look at the ACPI states, how the bios implements them with this hardware and whether the drivers call them correctly.


My problem is always that the WIFI becomes unresponsive... so i can toggle the interface on-off, but the action doesnt get carried out in the linux sublayers. So clearly the driver somehow can't reacht the hardware radio anymore.


I can't actually imagine this is so dificult to fix or diagnose... unfortunately my days are completely busy with my job with has nothing to do with IT anymore so I don't even have time o set up a root access and play with the system a bit when the wifi fails (verbatim logs, manually killing of the driver and restarting it manually, etc etc...) If anyone has a good linux knowledge and the time on hand we could get to the source of this reasonably quickly (which doesnt mean we get a fix tomorrow, but could instruct Lenovo on what to change to solve the issue)....


Ahhh and the Android 7 for October announcement (Nicole, I will check this on the roadmap) as well is a joke, then it'd be better to jump to android 8 directly whose developer builds will be available in a few months I imagine. I love the concept of the YB and I use it now as my primary work device as I am highly mobile, but these update and support problems that we are facing is exactly why in the past I have always chosen Nexus/Pixel devices, because THAT was never and issue there naturally.


Anyway, just my two cents... Agorapho

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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot


I've been informed by the business unit that they expect to be releasing an OTA patch to resolve the WiFi dropping issue at the end of the month.




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Paper Tape
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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot

Hello All, 


The WiFi connectivity on my Android Yoga Book is dead.

After intermittent connectivity for a few weeks, and refusing to turn ON after sleep, the WiFI adaptor does not turn on at all now. 

The MAC address always remains at 02:00:00:00:00:00. 


I am on software build number: YB1-X90F_170225.


Is this the latest build number? 

Has the update to fix the WIFI problem been released??! If so, from where can I get it? 





Fanfold Paper
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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot

There is a new update (end of April?) available which I installed a few days ago which _still_ does not fix the issue.

I am pretty disappointed that Lenovo does not get their stuff right and even worse they do not let a community help them since the device is locked down, you can not easily compile and run your own kernel or drivers despite the fact that most of the software is free or at least open source software.

If Lenovo wants to take all the support and bug fixing burden themselves, then well, they have to go down that road and accept annoyed customers returning their devices, like I will do next. Pity.


Paper Tape
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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot

On the road, somewhere in Asia, with a lustrous plate of black metal. The yogabook would have been a great travel companion, if not for this connectivity problem.

Along with the WiFi, the Bluetooth adaptor is also inaccessible on my yogabook.

I managed to find a workaround for internet, using USB tethering over my Smartphone and the EasyTether app. 

Utterly disappointed with Lenovo support team.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot

Sorry to say so, but I am pretty pissed by Lenovo's repair service Smiley Sad


I had it to repair two times now. I added an extensive problem report to the package and explicitly described a test case, how to reproduce the WiFi hang. Today I received it back and the error report in the Lenovo notice said "Report by customer: Test or verification (always present)". No! I wrote that the problem does not occur at once and that you have to follow certain steps to reproduce it!


And of course Lenovo returned the device unchanged thus of course showing the same fault.

It took me 10 Minutes to reproduce the fault - 10 minutes!


And now?

Shall I return it again? And again?

To always receive it back without anything changed or done?

Do I have to wait until October, until we might see an Android 7 version for it, eventually fixing the issue?


@Lenovo: Wake up! This device is hosed! There is a bug in the WiFi driver or firmware! Fix it! Or at least give the community the means to fix it. It isn't that complicated: Full sourcecode and an unlocked system.


Increadible, this ignorance.


With the problem persisting the usability is extremely limited. Every now and then you have to switch off or at least reboot the device to get WiFi access again. This means to loose the complete working state that you have been in. What a pile of crap?!


I am really angry now, really. We are paying quite some money for these devices, that have a pretty obvious and known fault. And Lenovo simply ignores it. this goes pretty well with the most recent announcement that Lenovo will pull out from the PC and consumer business. It seems they started already Smiley Sad


Pity, I loved Thinkpads and quite some other Lenovo devices. I will now have to look for alternatives, Purism maybe, who knows.





Fanfold Paper
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Re: WIFI diconnects then can't find any networks until a reboot

I can't believe it. I bought two YB for Christmas and and the WiFi connect problems have started on both.  Does anyone know of a fix?  In third current state they are not fit for purpose. Any information, help, guidance would be appreciated. (Sent from an android phone)


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