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Yoga Book won't boot

2017-10-19, 22:15 PM

Hi Everyone, I have a Yoga Book Android Tablet and all of the sudden it refuses to boot. The screen won't turn on, and when I hit the power button, only the white LED blinks. When I try to charge it... the white led never turns green, and just continues to blink. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!


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Re: Yoga Book won't boot

2017-10-21, 0:16 AM

Hello Ridicarus

Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.

See if you can hold down the power button for about 30 seconds, try this with the charger plugged in and then not.


If that doesn`t work, see if you can start it up with Volume up or down + power for about 15 seconds, this should land you in the recovery menu, see if either of these can help start it up.


Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

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Re: Yoga Book won't boot

2017-12-14, 15:15 PM

Hi, I have this problem also.. My windows Yoga book only shows a blinking white light.. If I hold down the power button the light will eventually go off  and back on again.. Always blinking. Connecting the power adaptor also causes the light to come on blinking.


Despite trying your suggestions numerous times,  for varying durations,  nothing seems to work!? 


I have also tried connecting my yoga book to a lenovo thinkpad in order to try and access my drive and files but nothing shows up! 



Can you please tell me what might be wrong with my yoga book? 


Has it been short circuited?


Could my data be affected? How can I check if my data's still intact?



in advance


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Re: Yoga Book won't boot

2017-12-27, 16:19 PM

I have the same problem after owning mine for only two days.  It went to sleep and that was it.


I tried you proposed solutions and they did not help.


Now I have a $400 brick!


Need a solution that works, please!!!!


Obviously, a systemic problem.  Why is there no solution????


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Re: Yoga Book won't boot

2018-03-02, 19:07 PM

My just over a year old yoga book stoped I purchase it in pure faith as it was the first available for sale here, I don't regret a min.. Left it about half a hour came back and was dead, would not come on with or without power cord. So tried the power and volume up together and got the battery charger on display was at 70% so battery was ok, still would not book so power cord in and pressed and hold power button came on as if nothing was wrong. Relieved to say the least it is my favourite computer I have ever had keep up good work thank goodness for forum's


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Re: Yoga Book won't boot

2018-03-26, 2:40 AM

Thank you, holding down the power button unfroze my yoga book.(powered by Android)


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Re: Yoga Book won't boot

2018-05-08, 18:25 PM

I have got the same problem since the penultimate update, and like MicheGun I have tried multiple buttons, various durations, etc, but nothing work...


Do you, guys, know what can i do to revive my device ?





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Re: Yoga Book won't boot

2018-06-03, 9:03 AM

I also am experiencing a similar issue. My keyboard has been somewhat dodgy untill today when the entire display has gone. Backlight for keyboard, pen symbol and all. I get the blinking charge light but no series of button pressing seems to make any difference.


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Re: Yoga Book won't boot

2018-07-01, 8:44 AM

I had the exact same problem with my Yoga Book (Windows 10).

Took a LONG time for me to get it working again, but I got it.

What I actually did was that I just sat down and had the powerbutton for 5 mins.

Somehow that forced the machine to reboot.
So now I'm gonna try and find out WHY it happened, not that BIOS will be any help as it's so crappy.


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Re: Yoga Book won't boot

2018-07-06, 14:28 PM

Hi, all. I have exactly the same problem. My Yoga Book YB1-X90F is dead! Won't boot not matter what keys I press and for how long, no screen dislay, no keyboard lights just a blinking white led power charging indicator next to the micro usb charging port. It seems to be a known issue affecting many. Any solution besides calling Lenovo's warranty support?

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