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Fanfold Paper
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Re: C930 on 1903: E-Ink keyboard goes to sleep

Yeah, the only thing that works is flipping it in and out of tent mode, and using the executables in the Eink folder.

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Re: C930 on 1903: E-Ink keyboard goes to sleep

I too have been frustrated with a sort of intermittent bug where the eInk display failed to wake after the OS goes to sleep. For me, I was unabel to get the eInk to operate, even after cycling in and out of tablet and tent modes, it also seemed that while this problem was occuring, the YogaBook would not auto-rotate the display.


After diving into the device manager, triple checking drivers, going through Lenovo Service Bridge and finding no identifiable hardware faults. The solution I have come up with is to create a scheduled task that initiates the Homebar. This forces a refreshes of the eInk Display, without having to backlog potentially messy registry changes. n


To replicate this solution:


Step 1. Launch Task Scheduler <<C:\WINDOWS\system32\taskschd.msc>>


02.pngStep 2.


03.pngStep 3.


04.pngStep 4.


05.pngStep 5.


06.pngStep 6.


07.pngStep 7.


07-1.pngStep 8.


07-2.pngStep 9.


08.pngStep 10.

 Close Task Scheduler. This event should start on the next incident of unlock workstation. It has solved the issue for me, the eInk still gets to sleep (which is appropriate), eInk Homebar function is undisturbed, and no need to replicate all of the homebar functions to desktop or taskbar. I hope this helps resolve this problem for others as well.




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