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Connect C930 to windows 10 PC


I’ve recently purchased the yoga book c930 and one of the things I was absolutely expecting it to be able to do was to connect to my PC to double up as a tablet. It didn’t come with a usb cable that would connect to my computer so I brought a USB-A to USB-C cable. Neither the tablet nor the PC pick up on each other this way. The tablet acknowledges that it’s been connected to a power source, but that’s it. I was also hoping to be able to transfer files via a cable rather than using any cloud storage.

Is there any way I can get the tablet and the PC to connect to each other? Is there an app or a setting or a different cable adapter?

I’m also not sure why this wasn’t a built-in feature (since both the tablet and the pc are Windows 10) It would be an absolutely awesome trick that would vastly increase it’s appeal to a lot of digital artists.

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Re: Connect C930 to windows 10 PC

You cannot copy between systems using a USB cable, but you might try using Window's 10s new Nearby Sharing function, which can transfer files between your two Windows 10 systems using Bluetooth or Wifi similar to Apple's AirDrop.


Linked below is a pretty good write-up on how to get Nearby Sharing working.     


Note:  If you log in using a Microsoft Account (email account and pwd) on both of your systems you can limit access to systems that use your Microsoft account, but if you log in locally (user name and pwd) on either system, then you will have to allow Everyone Nearby, so in that case it would be a good idea to disable Nearby Sharing when not in use.


How to use Nearby Sharing to transfer files between PCs in Windows 10 April 2018 Update


Hope that works for you.






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Re: Connect C930 to windows 10 PC

Do you mean as a second display like this

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Re: Connect C930 to windows 10 PC

@HalfDragoness wrote:

I was also hoping to be able to transfer files via a cable rather than using any cloud storage.

Are you connected to a network? With both computers on the same network, it's a piece of cake to set up file and folder sharing. All of the computers in my home are able to see and access directories on all of the other computers. Makes moving stuff around very easy. That said, keeping important data in the cloud as well as in a couple of local locations is wise. If someone should steal your computer, you'll never lose anything important. 

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