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Does Lenovo Offer Trade In/Upgrades?

2020-07-21, 16:46 PM

I'm an incredibly annoyed customer with a faulty machine that I need to send to Lenovo to have fixed. In the mean time, I won't have a laptop, unless I buy a new one. This is quite frustrating, as the machine is only three months old, in perfect condition, yet the motherboard fries. I told customer support that I was going to buy a new machine and return it before the thirty days, and they said it was fine as long as there isn't any damage(obviously) and it's returned in its original package. My question is: does Lenovo offer trade ins/upgrades? Like I send them my machine(Yoga c930), get credited for it, and allowed to just buy the new c940? I expect to be charged more for the machine, but I would expect my three month year old machine, with an issue that's Lenovo's fault, would provide a healthy credit. Then I can pay to overnight it so I'm not stuck without a laptop in arguably one of the most important weeks of my career, or forced to buy a machine from them just to use for a few weeks and then return, creating a hassle for me and a used device for them. 

I need Lenovo to work with me, not just tell me that I'm going to be without a laptop for up to a month because they sold me a faulty machine.


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Re:Does Lenovo Offer Trade In/Upgrades?

2020-07-21, 17:33 PM



Again, I'm sorry you are experiencing issues with your system, maybe the Community can assist if you post the details and ask but, unfortunately, all things are potentially prone to failure at some point, it's usually extremely annoying and very frustrating especially when it happens at a critical time point which is why Lenovo offers optional service packages for customers to choose from depending on their individual requirements, not to mention in some countries there is a no questions asked return policy for a specific period of time after purchase.

If you visit the US Lenovo home page and expand the menus at the bottom you will find listed under Resources the Trade-In program. I am not aware of exactly how the program works but it may or may not be an option for yourself, you will clearly be the judge of that.




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Re:Does Lenovo Offer Trade In/Upgrades?

2020-07-24, 4:39 AM

Personally, I'd recommend you to upgrade the warranty to on-site repair, preferably next business day, this will accelerate repairs from roughly 2 weeks to only 1-3 days time. It's very much worth it if you have only one laptop in your household. I have personally 3 of my own, so I'd never bother with this warranty myself. If you buy the warranty today, and make a call, perhaps you could have a technician on-site tomorrow, unless it takes time for the warranty to be applied. Inform yourself with a sales representative first.


Alternatively, in addition to what Andy suggested, you can also try to ask customer representatives, one is going to be more lenient than the other if you explain your situation. Keep in mind, that the shipping of the Yoga C940 may take time as well.

Kind regards,

Jonas Hendrickx

Lenovo Insider, Windows Insider MVP


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