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E-ink feature / bug-fix requests

2019-10-21, 12:09 PM

Hello, I have been using the Yogabook C930 as a student for taking notes in university for almost 9 months now and I have a list of features that I think are needed to make the experience of using it better:



• Ability to select a region and delete it. Right now the only 2 options are to delete either the entire page or a line 1 by 1. The latter is extremely tedious and takes a long time to hunt down each line, especially if you have been writing a lot of text. Not to mention that sometimes there are tiny dots that appear while you are writing that are almost impossible to delete with the regular eraser tool.


• Ability to select a region and move it. So many times I have to redraw a perfectly good graph because I realize that it would fit better in another place in my notes. The ability to copy/cut/paste a drawn region and move/scale it would make note-taking a lot more dynamic.


• Fix lock bug. I don't know how many people get this bug, but I work almost exclusively in e-ink mode, and after some time of just writing, the laptop decides to exit out of the mode and lock the computer. I have to flip it and open it up, log in, flip the laptop again, hope it recognizes that it has been flipped (many many times it doesn't), continue writing, only for it to happen again randomly - sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 1 hour. When you are writing notes in a lecture, having this bug appear can ruin my concentration, lose my pace, and just make me angry. If it is in e-ink mode, let it stay that way. Also let it recognize immediately when I'm in that mode, not expect me to shake it around and flip it 2-3 times in the hope it realizes that it has been flipped. I have resorted to sometimes leave the monitor on and let it needlessly glow on the desk because I just can't get it to shut down, ruining perfectly good battery life.


• Save the pen width. A minor complaint, but I write with a pen width of 2, but it always defaults to 1. Can it remember the last width used so that I don't have to change it every time I want to write something down?


• Pen without a battery. I know this is not a software issue, but I got the laptop in the hopes of replacing my need to use paper, making it more convenient and environmentally friendly. Instead, I now have to order expensive AAAA batteries which are rare in my country, with no rechargeable versions available anywhere. The reMarkable tablet has a pen that doesn't need batteries, which is a lot more convenient and environment-friendly. Please consider selling us a similar pen, for those of us that actually use it often, instead of just doodling every once in a while in MS Paint.


• Swipe to scroll pages. When I am in pen-mode, a gesture for swiping to the next or previous page would make navigation a lot more convenient. Right now if I had to see what I wrote the previous page I have to put my pencil down, click on the tiny icon on the top right, click on the page, see what I wanted to see, click on the icon again, click on the page I was on and then pick up my pencil. There are so many steps that in real life are just the equivalent of peeking at the page under you. Just have it so that when you are in pen mode, swiping with your finger goes forward or backward in the history. If gestures are difficult for you, at least 2 buttons with "<" & ">" somewhere.


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Re: E-ink feature / bug-fix requests

2019-11-15, 16:56 PM

Hi ,


Welcome to the Community Forums.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we appreciate your feedback. You may also share you feedback on our website by clicking the feedback button on the lower right corner here.



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