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Where to learn the basics and work arounds

2020-01-17, 14:28 PM

I just bought the Yoga Book C930 (latest 2019 window addition).  I have been using it for only a short time and am looking for any good videos or websites or links to how to get the most out of this unique tablet.  Would anyone know of any they could provide?

I have some specific questions that I am hoping people can answer. 
Has anyone loaded Adobe illustrator on this? A big task I need to do is vectorize raster images. This is tedious work and I have a lot of it to get ready for use in videos. I know this system can not handle video editing but I was hoping I could do the simple task of converting raster images to a vector image. If there is an illustrator app that will run on this to do the job I am open to it but I have not found one. 

I order screen protectors for this tablet/computer has anyone else put screen protectors on their's and what are your thoughts?

I have a pen that came with the Yoga book and it is nice. Is there any reason to buy the one here on Lanova? is it better or the same?

Any cool tips and Tricks you know with this tablet/computer I would love to hear.  

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Re: Where to learn the basics and work arounds

2020-01-17, 15:15 PM

Hi there, I would recommend taking a look at the manual here: https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/yogabook_c930_user_guide_en_201808.pdf?linkTrack=PSP:ProductInfo:UserGuide


I would highly recommend taking a look at this video from a fellow Lenovo INsider Arthur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu9c4FmeZss


I don't personally have the device, but hopefully a Yoga Book C930 user will hop on this thread to help. 


Hope that helps!

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This helped me too


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Re: Where to learn the basics and work arounds

2020-01-17, 16:28 PM

I haven't used Illustrator at length on the YogaBook C930, but I have used InkScape here and there with pretty good success, but it's been a while. I'll load it up again and see if it still does what I think it will do.  


Tutorial for Vectorizing in Inkscape


Accessorizing the YogaBook C930 was probably the biggest challenge because it is such a unique piece of hardware. I've spent the last year looking for exactly the right things, and think I've almost found them all.

Best Sleeve: SFbag's Air Caddy

Best USB-c to USB-c Mechanical Keyboard: Vortexgear Cypher 65%
Unlike Vortex's other keyboards this one has ABS chassis, so it is lighter to carry. Nice if you're using your YogaBook, with a second screen, and using the E-Ink Display to take notes.

Best Charger: RAVPower 61W Wall Charger
I basically carry this one charger with me for everything, my phone, YogaBook C930, Nintendo Switch, etc. It's tiny, it's amazing, and charges everything quickly.

Best USB-c to USB-c cables:
GodSpin (20Gbps) SuperSpeed [Certified] 100W Power (USB 3.1 & 3.2 Compatible) Nylon Braided, Dual 4k or Single 5k @60hz Display (6.6ft/20Gbps) There is a shorter, 1.6ft/40Gbps cable made by the same company as well. These are just nice to have when connecting my YogaBook C930 to anything, and they are tough as heck.

Best Portable 2nd Display: Lenovo Thinkvision M14
It has two ports and power delivery, so you can still use it and charge your YogaBook C930 at the same time.

Best 2nd Pen Stylus: Lenovo Pen Pro
Identical pressure sensitivity and feel to the included stylus, but charges with USB-c. No need to carry batteries. Isn't magnetic like the included stylus though. Trade-offs.

Best BlueTooth Mouse: Thinkpad X1 Wireless Touch Mouse
This is nice to just slip into the sleeve with the YogaBook beside some USB-c earbuds and go.


Best MicroSD Card: Samsung Evo
I use a 128GB 100MB/s (MB-ME128GA/AM)

This is a guide for making your SD card Permanent Storage in Windows, for things like DropBox.

Likely the best Wireless ANC Headphones: Yoga ANC Headphones
Hopefully, these release soon, I think they'll be awesome when paired up with the YogaBook C930.

I don't recommend a screen protector with the YogaBook C930. Have not found one I like. The ones that are thin enough to not try and stick to both screens, tend to move about and bubble when using a stylus on them. :-(

I do recommend keeping a microfiber cloth tucked inbetween the two displays. Keeps it nice, and you have it to clean the screens.

I do recommend an art glove if you're doing a lot of pen stylus entry. You don't really need it for palm rejection, but it does keep the screen nice, and your writing smooth. Especially if you have sweaty palms.

Huion Artist Glove

My favorite text editor to use with the E-Ink Keyboard is called Kate. It's in the Windows Store. It's lightweight and has a customizable interface.

For handwritten notes on the main display, I use Microsoft OneNote.

For artwork on the main display, Photoshop, and Clip Studio Paint Pro/EX.

For Sprites/Pixel Art via create pad functionality, Asprite via Steam.

Glad to answer any questions you might have. :smileywink:


Re: Where to learn the basics and work arounds

2020-01-18, 20:09 PM

thank you


Re: Where to learn the basics and work arounds

2020-01-18, 20:11 PM

Wow, great list thank you.


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Re: Where to learn the basics and work arounds

2020-01-18, 21:57 PM

Wow, . You should probably get a commission on the stuff I'm about to buy from your list. :)


I'll second the SD card. I use mine for a lot of things, including File History. Makes it a self-backing-up computer. 



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Re: Where to learn the basics and work arounds

2020-01-19, 15:33 PM

I thought I would share this. I just came across this keyboard and it looks very interesting. 



Re: Where to learn the basics and work arounds

2020-01-19, 17:04 PM


Add a 1TB Hard drive to this keyboard and this would be the perfect keyboard.
Lenovo are you listing :-) ???


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Re:Where to learn the basics and work arounds

2020-10-19, 0:03 AM

Any sugestion for a Hub ?  thanks in advance.

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