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Yoga Book C930: E-ink OneNote app & marking up into pdf

Dear all,


There is an article about C930:


There are remarks about two functionalities, which I would like to use, but don't know how to activate them.


1) Using Onenote "you can doodle notes on the e-ink display and watch them pop up on the more colorful display above. But it should work with additional apps at launch..." What additional apps they mean?


2) "...flip it around to read a book or mark up a PDF". Do you have idea, what this marking of a PDF up means? My idea was that I could make notes and comments directly into the PDF text...

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Re: E-ink OneNote app & marking up into pdf

None of that exists.


That article was released 2 months before the YB C930 was released to the public. I have seen many reviews say that there will be future updates to the device to allow what you say, as well as read e-books etc but I've never actually heard that from Lenovo.


Since it was released in late October for purchase- there have been no updates to add any of that functionaliy.


It doesn't mean it's not going to happen - but you can't do that right now.

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Re: E-ink OneNote app & marking up into pdf

I can copy from eink to onenote, but once in onenote, I can't edit the copied material.

Does anyone know how to edit the material in onenote or what format I must use to copy?


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Re: E-ink OneNote app & marking up into pdf

Just copy as text, it converts handwriting to text, and paste to Onenote. It's actually very accurate. You have the option to copy as Image, Text, Formula or Diagram.

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