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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga Book C930: future development

The new Lenovo Yoga Book c930 with eInk screen is great, but currently the software is far away from its potential:

* eink notes have to be explicitly copied to the main screen, no direct handwriting entry

* no onenote support on the eink side

* no acrobat pdf annotation on eink side

* no ebook support yet

* etc.

Lenovo has already said that they are working on more features, but is there any roadmap or what features to expect?


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Re: Future development of the Yoga Book C930

Lenovo said they'll be launching the Yoga Book (first generation) with Chrome OS, and up to this day, nothing of that happened. Hope they'll give the C930 the attention it deserves, unlike what they did with the first generation.

Paper Tape
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Re: Future development of the Yoga Book C930

I'm writing this on a new c930 just picked up today-- certainly the e-ink display, brightness of the screen, improved speed is great, but windows only seems like a HUGE downgrade from the android version, the device is hobbled by the clunkiness of windows.


Did anyone actually test the tablet integration?


When i fold the screen into tablet mode.... there are about 50 haptic feedback clicks... and when i try to click in a field to type.... there's no keyboard!!!  ok, i can find 'tablet mode' from the windows menu...which now enables an on screen keyboard, which now persists even when i flip back into keyboard mode!!


You need to detect when the keyboard is hidden or not, this is very basic stuff for a device like this!!!


Also, the USB C ports do not supply the standard power, and none of my usb c devices will work correctly, big fail.


My 1.0 yoga book is hugely more polished than this!


please fix tablet integration... this is almost a deal breaker, as i use the 1.0 device more than 50% in portrait mode to read news, etc.


WHY did you discontinue the android version... android 8 or 9 on this device would have been perfect.


this needs a huge amount of common sense work!


not impressed!



Paper Tape
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Re: Future development of the Yoga Book C930

Also, fingerprint sensor works 1 in 5 times, some work to do on this device!
Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Book C930: future development

 A good list. I'd agree with all of these things, especially ebook support. I'd love to see Kindle use the eInk screen. In addition, I'd like to see alternative keyboard layouts or maybe even a keyboard designer and a handwriting recognition keyboard replacement that would allow writing input in any windows app.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Book C930: future development

1.  Would like to see the ability to write on pdf on the E-ink screen.

2.  How about copying from the main screen and posting into a note on the E-ink screen???  This would be great.

3.  Making or designing software that creates custom keyboards for games?

4.  Make notes on the E-ink screen allow to be multiple pages long, instead of making a new note each time you need a new page.

5.  See an andriod app called Squid for ideas on how the E-ink screen could be awesome!!!


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Re: Yoga Book C930: future development

I agree about customizing the keyboard. For my typing - the ; key is too big and the ' key is too small - i need those reversed.

Actually I agree with all of the suggestions above.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Book C930: future development

I also agree with all the comments above, particularly around customizing the keyboard! I am getting quite used to typing on my c930, but the keyboard layout has not been thought through properly, simply moving the keyboard / note / ebook / setting icons from the top right to top left would give half an inch of space for the keys and/or touchpad!

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Book C930: future development

Agreed. The vertical space on the track pad is problematic when 2 finger scrolling. 1 inch more by moving the settings would be fantastic.

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