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Paper Tape
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Yoga Book C930: things that need to be addressed in the next firmware update

Got this laptop a week ago and trying hard to love it and keep it but there are a few things that really need to be addressed. First I will say that on the positive side I am surprisingly pleased with the typing experience with a few caveats that I will mention. I like the screen and I am getting 4 to 5 hours battery which is about all you can expect from a device this small and light in 2019. All in all this checks a lot of boxes for a small productivity device. 


Now there are a couple of things that have been mentioned here before that need to be addressed. While the keyboard is fine the trackpad drivers need some work. Specifically two finger scroll will freeze up on occasion and sometimes will get stuck in right click mode while scrolling. I have found that classic keyboard is the most glitchy and that is made worse with the smaller trackpad area. Honestly the trackpad area would be so much better with a quarter inch more horizontal space in all modes. This could easily be accomplished by removing the top options button strip, sliding the keyboard area up, and adding that extra space to the trackpad area. The options menu could be set with a function key. 


Big issue is the device does not go in to tablet mode when you flip the keyboard around and sometimes the keyboard does not shut off when its folded back. The device should go in to tablet mode when the keyboard is retracted and that is a very basic function that should be easily fixed.   


Another big usability problem is the keyboard vibration. Right now even at the lowest setting the vibration makes a very loud noise such that I cant turn it on at all while typing with anyone else around me. I would drop another setting in here with a smaller amount of vibration or better still turn off the sounds with vibration. there is already a sound option but with the sound off the vibration still makes a very loud noise that is really irritating. This is pretty inmportant because the tactile feedback is pretty important on this keyboard.


Finger print reader is terrible. Cant use it at all right now. I tried 5 times to get it to take my finger and no matter how I hold it the reader will fail to register.


Last major gripe is the unit will randomly shut off on its own on occasion. I know for sure I am not accidently hitting the power switch because after it happened a few times I am very aware of not touching the power switch. Also sometimes when you open the device from a sleep state it will not come on until you press the power button.


I will refrain from mentioning the reader issues as other posters have addressed those at length but I hope you guys can focus on cleaning up some of these usability issues which should all be easily fixable. thx.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Book C930: things that need to be addressed in the next firmware update

So as a follow up the device started to "shut off" when in tablet mode more often. What I noticed is it was not doing it while in regular laptop mode so I began some investigation. By accident I noticed one time when it was shut off that the keyboard side had switched to the e-ink sketch pad mode instead of being off.

So I figured out what was happening is that when I would fold the keyboard back and use the Windows device in portrait mode, the unit would suddenly switch the other display out of sleep and that would turn off the pc part. Ok so I figured I was touching something or doing something to make it do that so I tried putting my hands everywhere you can think to avoid it but it kept doing it.
Finally I set the device up and put it on a table with nothing touching the e-ink portion at all and I just sat there and watched it. Sure enough after a few minutes the e-ink came on by itself and the pc partshut off.

So, I reset the device completely and even reinstalled all the drivers and its still doing it. Bottom line, it want back to the store today and I got a Surface Go. Really wanted to keep this thing and liked it so much but its just not stable right now and the issues it is having are some pretty big ones. Hope you guys get the next version working right.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga Book C930: things that need to be addressed in the next firmware update

I completely agree with the tablet mode not working.  This drives me nuts.

Fingerprint scanner is spotty for me also.


Other than that I like the machine.  I really wish the e ink was backlit but its cool.   And give us a little more RAM next time

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