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How to disable keypress vibration on the Yoga Book with Windows?


1. In the search bar on the task bar on the bottom of your screen, type 'Control Panel'.

2. Now look for 'Halo Keyboard'.

3. A small dialog will pop up.

4. Uncheck the setting 'Vibrate on keypress', and confirm your changes.



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I was wondering if someone can help me out:halo doesn t show on control panel,vibration doesn t work either.I installed all the drivers from Lenovo.


The Keyboard vibration cannot be enabled in Halo Control Panel ver 2.0.7. The driver KeyboardDriver 2.0.7 installation gives error:
The INF file you selected does not support this method of installation. Operation not allowed in WOW64
YOGA Book (YB1-X91F, YB1-X91L, YB1-X90F, YB1-X90L)
Machine Type Model
Only solution is a complete system restore from bios by pressing sound up and start keys and wiping windows drive. Then install only the 2016 updated goodix and halo and vibration and multi mode drivers from the support download page. The 2017 drivers are incompatible with Win 10 built 1709 and Lenovo doesnt care.


My yoga book model yb1-x91f halo keyboard brightness gone! Althoug I have reseted my pc with reinstaling the halo keyboard drivers! And aditionally note that I had scanned the hardware and drivers with lenovo vantage and every thing is ok ! My serial no is HA0WQKCR