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What's DOS?
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Charger identifikacion

My father brought me this tablet pc and told me that the charger is dead so if someone could tell me where i can buy a new one I would realy apriciate it. The end connector is round.

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Re: Charger identifikacion



Welcome to the forums.  I can't make out the part number on the charger.  Maybe if you post the model of the tablet it will help? Parts can be bought at the below site.


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What's DOS?
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Re: Charger identifikacion

The charger is a 5 Volt 2.4 Amps , but that is all i can provide , father already left for work and he took the pc with him.

Punch Card
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Re: Charger identifikacion

You can buy these mobile charger-like adapter from amazone or ebay. but If you hope for fast charging as the original adapter. You would need the charger with 5volt 2.4A (Like Aukey Pisen or whatever designed for charging tablet). or if you can access Lenovo store. There are plenty of tablet charger like one from Yoga Book YB1 

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