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Re: Lenova Yoga Book - SD+Sim Tray

The YB1-X91F does not have LTE capabilities. It only accepts MicroSD card for storage expansion.

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Re: Lenova Yoga Book - SD+Sim Tray

Like I said - maybe by using an external device - either plugged into the usb port or one that creates a wifi hotspot connected to LTE that you could connect to via wifi (you could do this with a mobile phone if you have a compatible phone and service I think) . But, also like I said, I have no experience so no knowledge of these in practice.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenova Yoga Book - SD+Sim Tray

hi it seems that lenovo yoga book YB1-X90F IS WAM ONLY

yoga book YB1-X90L IS WAM AND SIM .it tuck me soom time to fined that out on

the web .i feel ripped off i spent a lot of money for this laptop now its no good to me

from what i read on the web aim not the only one LENOVO SHAME ON YOU. 

Hope this helps you kennyfahy.

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