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What's DOS?
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Yoga Book Charger?

Where would I buy extra chargers for my Yoga Book? Bloody left mine in a hotel in Salt Lake, which won't do me a lot of good here in Chicago. It said SC-13 on it, but searching that online hasn't done much good. 


If I can just buy a Quick Charger or something like that, that would be fine too.

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Re: Yoga Book Charger?

9/12V 2A with quick charge capability should work.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Book Charger?

"Should work" is an understatement - noI tried multiple chargers with the Qualcomm-Quick-Charge 2 and 3 protocols.

It seems that Lenovo has gone the same route with the (actuallly extremely fast) Lenovo Yoga Book - charger, but could not follow the standardized voltage negotiation protocols, since they do not use a Qualcomm-chip to do that.

Until now I haven't found a dual port charger that I would require to carry only a single adaptor around which really passed the 10+W mark that the original charger delivers.

If you need an address for the standard charger, you can find one here: (Germany)


I am looking forward to any supplier* (currently it seems that Lenovo has dropped the development also because the relatively powerful-while-energy-efficien intel-CPU lacks a successor) that can take up the development from Lenovo with this magic pen-interface, an that can deliver a larger bezel-free screen and a little more punch for processing applications. Combined with an optional magnetic snap-on-keyboard (I found one that does exactly this, however, it might have a little better quality) a slightly more "rubber-like" surface for the pen-tip so that it is not that noisy and that it feels a little more soft and less smooth with more pen-like friction it would be almost the device from heaven.

And, yes - mind the charger issue - USB-3.? type  C with power delivery in a standardized package for fast charging would be required. The current proprietary charger situation is a very unfortunate one.

It is great that Lenovo has built this device - it seems that other manufacturers should look to China and start to learn from their examples as well...

Serial Port
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Re: Yoga Book Charger?

I can confirm that these chargers do not support QC. I bought the SC-11 to reverse engineer, as it has a nice 12V at 2A option, but so far I haven't got the time. Quick tests at least revelaed they aren't QuickCharge based...


... I would like to know what they are. Anyone any idea?

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