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Paper Tape
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Yoga Book (Windows 10) - Not charging when in use

Hi there,


I have a Lenovo Yoga Book (Windows 10-edition). Which does not charge the battery, when plugging in but also in use. The taskbar indicates that the tablet is charging, but the battery still goes down (albeit much more slowly).


If I shut Windows down, charging then starts correctly.


Does anything else have the same problem? Has anyone managed to solve this issue?


Thanks Smiley Happy



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Re: Yoga Book (Windows 10) - Not charging when in use

Hello Cycle63

Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.

Is there anything plugged into the unit that could potentially be draining power?


If possible, try a different charger, see if this will make a difference, you should be able to contact your local Lenovo support for a replacement charger.


Try a static discharge for this, it may help to resolve the issue or at least get rid of any built up static on the motherboard.

(If the battery is internal, please just skip the remove/replace battery steps.)
1. Turn the unit off
2. Remove the battery and the Mains adapter
3. Press and hold the front power button for 30 seconds
4. Replace the battery and the Mains adapter
5. Turn the unit on as normal


Otherwise, if these steps do not work I would recommend, that you call your local Lenovo support line for a possible service. Below is the link to the phone list where you can find these numbers


Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

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Re: Yoga Book (Windows 10) - Not charging when in use

I think there are other things you should consider first.


The icon on the taskbar only shows that a power supply is connected or not. It doesn't indicate charging unless you've clicked or hovered on it.


Are you using the power supply that came with your yoga book?

Many usb power supplies have a lower power rating than the one the yoga books use.


The usb 2 connector specification limits the amount of power that can run through it (- which is at least partly why the yoga book is slow to charge). But it may also mean that if you are using more power than the supply can offer for what you are doing then the battery won't be charging as well. Are you running a lot of tasks? Do you have the screen brightness turned up high? Are you using a blue tooth device at the same time? Playing audio or video?

There are perhaps other things I haven't thought of that might be using up the power from the connected supply.


(A full size laptop, for example, will use a power supply that is higher rated and a connector that can handle more current going through it.)


I haven't seen this with my Yoga Book as I recall, but I have on other tablets especially when not using the supplied power supply. But these are the sort of things I would consider before assuming there's a problem.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Book (Windows 10) - Not charging when in use

HI Cycle63 - I'm not sure if you ever found a solution to this problem.


I'm also experiencing the exact same issue, the device charges when off, but slowly runs flat when plugged in and 'charging'. I've tested different power supplies from various manufacturers, different micro usb cables, and also a charger doctor to check the current being supplied. According to my usb doctor device, the book is pulling 1.5-1.8 amps when off and charging, and only 0.3-0.4amps while awake and 'charging'


The device is currently in for repair with Lenovo, although they haven't yet found a problem.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Book (Windows 10) - Not charging when in use



I just picked up a Yoga Book few days ago and notice mine does the same.


While Windows is running, the power draw read from a usb meter is at 0.45a, while in shut down state, the draw is at 1.6a.


Any updates for your device?


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Re: Yoga Book (Windows 10) - Not charging when in use


I have the same problem since yesterday after unboxing it.
Any updates on this problem? I tried updating the battery driver.


I`m thinking about returning the item.


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