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Yoga Book YB1-91L USB port problem

2020-08-24, 9:06 AM

Hello everybody. Asking for help and suggestions. Maybe LENOVO  representative  take notice. Have secondhand yoga book. Big problem with usb port. First of all, charging device died out. Find 30-watt charger with QC 3.0 and charge now working perfectly. Next tried to connect mouse, usb hub and usb dongle. Each time got DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED message. Got error in device list.


But......tried to connect external HDD with noname HDD box and it connected. Connection may work to copy, install files or disk may disconnect randomly.


Tried system restore, tried to change drivers ( intel drivers for chipset not avaliable now) with no luck. Think problem is with low port current, but even small mouse and dongle  make error and non-SSD HDD work 9 times out of 10. Have anybody experience problems with connecting devices to micro USB port?


Tried 3 different OTG cables and OTG micro USB to USB dongles. No luck.



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Re:Yoga Book YB1-91L USB port problem

2020-09-02, 18:35 PM

Could it be a faulty charging port? My Yoga Book was refusing to charge and OTG cables kept disconnecting. I ordered a micro USB charging port from eBay and replaced it myself as well as a new Halo Keyboard. Now everything is working like a charm. 

I guess this part will eventually become faulty after a certain time. Mine became faulty after 3 years of daily usage.


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Re:Yoga Book YB1-91L USB port problem

2020-09-03, 9:06 AM

The specifications for USB 2 do not allow for providing enough power to run external spinning disk hard drives. In my experience they may briefly connect but not reliably. (You could sometimes get around this by using a Y cable which let you use two USB sockets to get the extra power - but of course, this is not an option on the Yoga Book. The same therefor applies to USB hubs. If the peripherals attached demand too much power something will stop working. Powered hubs (ie: you plug a power supply into to the hub itself) should work OK.

Desktop external hard drives with their own power supply are fine, in my experience, but I don't know whether that is the case when you're also using a hub.

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