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Re: Yoga Book YB1-X91F - Halo Keyboard Flashing Pen Icon

2019-05-26, 21:14 PM

What preceded your Yoga Book behaving in this way? Windows update? Installed new drawing program? Did it start mid-use, or after starting up one day? 


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Re: Yoga Book YB1-X91F - Halo Keyboard Flashing Pen Icon

2019-05-27, 9:19 AM



I don't press and hold the on/off button at all. I was only refering to the time it takes to shutdown after using the shutdown menu item. Keeping the power button pressed for a long period is usually a technique for forcing a complete power down and restart. I only use the power button to turn it on, holding it for a couple of seconds until the power light shows (if I'm on battery). Using the option to shutdown from the Start Menu is the best way to shut down.


Imaging the system - I'd only do that when you've got a system that's working well. For example before the bi-annual windows updates I would do one so I can revert easily if the update goes wrong. Once I know the update is OK, I'll do another so that if I do something stupid or things go wrong then I know I can at least get back to a setup I know is OK.


I'm not clear what you mean about the pen - I would stick to the drivers from the support pages.

However, if you have installed the Wacom Feel driver from the Wacom website this could be the problem. The Yoga Book needs an old version - newer versions create havoc with the Yoga Book. It's cropped up here a number of times. Lenovo don't have it on their support pages.


I would suggest sticking to how things are working, or not, with the supplied Lenovo pen for now here. Once that is sorted out you could look at previous posts about which other pens can work well the Yoga Book if you want an alternative.


I suspect the best option might be to do a complete fresh re-install but I have always been reluctant to suggest it to anyone because of the care needed in getting the drivers installed properly afterwards. FarisJayyousi has previously posted links to advice about how to do this. I've never done it myself so wouldn't try and advise on that.






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Re: Yoga Book YB1-X91F - Halo Keyboard Flashing Pen Icon

2019-05-27, 11:38 AM

Speaking about the time the Lenovo Yoga Book needs to shut down from the start menu, mine takes only 2 seconds to turn the screen black and would be fully turned off in less than 5-6 seconds. However, I find that this time can differ from one Yoga Book to another, and it also depends on the installed version of Windows 10. 


I'm pretty sure that Vickewhite's problem is caused by drivers malfunction. You will need to uninstall all the previously installed Halo Keyboard drivers from Device Manager and Control Panel. You may also need to use CMD to uninstall any hidden driver that may be causing this problem. After that, you should download and install Halo Keyboard from Lenovo's support page and install drivers in the correct order as instructed, followed by a system restart after each one.


If you have no recovery option, this means that it got deleted somehow. You may submit a Recovery Media Order to Lenovo and see if they will respond with your case. Go to https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/tablets/yoga-series/yoga-book/downloads and choose "Access Recovery Media" and go from there.


If nothing is working and you end up with the same problem, I advise you to download and install a fresh new copy of Windows 10. I have personally followed this step-by-step guide about injecting the Yoga Book's driver into the Windows 10 ISO. Just make sure to read everything carefully and you'll manage to get everything working again. ?

Here's the link to that guide:



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Re: Yoga Book YB1-X91F - Halo Keyboard Flashing Pen Icon

2020-01-24, 20:08 PM

Hello everyone. I was with the exact same problem, and I've followed the steps mentioned at the TXT that came with the file. It worked for me. What I've realized is that I've might had screwed up it due to the fact I was reviewing the services that were enabled at startup and one of them was the multimode services, which by the time I didn't had a clue on what it does, and disabled it.


Thanks for your post.


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