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cancelling older version of windows 10 on my yoga book: is that ok?

2019-09-29, 13:32 PM

Hi all,


my yoga book is suggesting that I remove the older versions of windows 10 in order to save space.


is it something you would actually recommend to me?


thanks in advance for your kind comments and support


best regards




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Re: cancelling older version of windows 10 on my yoga book: is that ok?

2019-10-01, 8:15 AM

Since no one else has responded .....


(First, I should say I don't use windows User folders and keep my data on a sd card - so I don't get this situation. And second I'm not entirely clear about what your situation is.)


Usually Windows makes a copy of the system files when a big update is done - these can be used to roll back to a previous version if the update causes problems and the user needs to roll back to the older version. These should be deleted automatically after a period of time - but I suspect it doesn't always happen when it should. It can be deleted. But once it's deleted you can't roll back.

It could be that your own data is taking up space that Windows would need to do updates.


I would suggest:
First: if you can make a system backup. I use the built in system backup which is hidden in settings>updates and security>backup>Go to Backup and Restore(Windows 7). I use a desktop external drive for this, you could use a flash drive but it will need enough space and be formatted correctly (I think it needs to be fat32, but I'm not sure offhand). However you might find using software like Macrium Reflect useful instead.
Second: backup your data - I'm guessing that for you that will mean finding it all in the Windows Users files and any other places you keep data. (I'd also make backups of my email (if you use a seperate mail program) and my browser settings and bookmarks.)


Usually the old Windows system files are put into a folder called "Windows.old" and you can delete this - but you might want to make a copy of it first, that's up to you. I think it is possible to have more than one folder like this but it shouldn't normally happen.


If it's preventing an update happening, I'd delete as much of my own data as I can (having made copies first, of course).

If removing these don't clear up enough space it is possible that there are hidden files lurking on your system causing the problem that can be deleted (Windows will replace them if it needs them later) - this article might help on this https://www.technig.com/delete-windows-10-update-files/


You could use Windows Disk Clean Up to do the job but I've found it takes ages to do it and I'd rather do it by hand if I can.


I'd suggest generally that, if you can, you use an SD card for saving all your data to and keep the internal drive as just a system drive.
Or you could keep a flash drive for all data that doesn't need to be on the main drive all the time. But I appreciate that these won't suit everyone.

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