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Regarding drivers installation instructions


1. On the current support site, in addition to readme file we have things like important information, download and installation instructions, supported systems etc, in short, somewhat a small draft of readme file (see below). But there appears to be no room for it the way drivers are structured on the beta site, so if that's the way it is going to be then I suggest making the readme file obligatory to download alongside drivers, and don't just embed the readme file inside the driver package; make it a separate entity so that it remains conspicuous to users. 

Something like this (the readme file would be added by itself once a driver is selected):-

2. This is sort of technical feedback. I know many people still prefer downloading drivers manually to using System Update. However, I've seen them run into problems like their wireless or Bluetooth is not working because they didn't opt to install Hotkey or power related drivers etc. I think it would be really helpful if a general guideline on the order in which drivers should be installed is placed on the beta site (preferably on the download drivers page). I've seen it mentioned on another manufacturer's website and found it very useful.


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Re: Regarding drivers installation instructions


If you click the "Learn More" or "Learn More First" links you will see the Additional information that you refer to. That information is still available, it's just down one level of navigation.


- Myles Novak