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Fanfold Paper
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ThinkPad Tablet

There appears to be no listing on the wonderful new site for the wonderful new Android Tablet I just bought.  I managed to find one FAQ.  No mention of a question that has been raging around about external boards about why the email Outbox won't send to corporate exchange server. 

No mention of Honeycomb the operating system and whether we can upgrade to version 3.2.

I have loved all my ThinkPad notebooks but would have to advise that you not be an early opt-in for the Tablet.  Nice machine but NO support from Lenovo.

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Re: ThinkPad Tablet



I see you found the ThinkPad Tablet board here in the community! 


To get to the support page, go to and type ThinkPad Tablet into the Quick Path or Modify Product Selection box.


Hope this helps!

I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad Tablet

Hey thanks Bananaman I have been there and the problem is that there's virtually nothing posted. No news or info, one FAQ and one driver download from October which I hope is already included in my set that shipped from the factory in early November. I have now resolved my problem with messages not Sending successfully from the Outbox to my corporate Exchange Server, by finding an almost hidden setting to invoke SSL security even though my IT man said it shouldn;t have been necessary. All working now Smiley Happy RMP in Australia
Paper Tape
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Betreff: ThinkPad Tablet

I completly agree on the lack of good support from lenovo.


I barely used my tablet (about 1 month) and failed. 

It is in repair since October 24th 2011. 2 months later (Dec. 27th), I receive the following message:


"When the part will be available i can assure you that it will be replaced as soon as possible."

Well, I own now a tablet for about 3 months, but has been longer in the repair centre than with me....


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Betreff: ThinkPad Tablet



Wow!  Sorry to hear that your tablet has been in the shop longer than you have gotten to use it !  I appreciate your speaking up about this.  Could you send me your details via private message?  Your contact info and the service case number or details on the shop where it is being repaired would be helpful.


Will try to get this expedited for you.





Fanfold Paper
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Betreff: ThinkPad Tablet

Hey mark


Can you shed any light on how Lenovo is providing any support or information onproblem-solving for ThinkPad Tablets?


Any information on upgrading to later version of Honeycomb or ICS?