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Fanfold Paper
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Moto Z2 Force Screen Shield Adhesive Came Off

This morning, I noticed that my Z2 Force Screen Shield was coming off. At first, I thought it was the screen shield I applied to it - but when I took mine off, that's when I noticed that it was a manufacturer screen shield! It was a pain to get off and actually cut my finger a few times from getting the adhesive screen off.


What's the alternative? Having a bubbly, cracked screen shield on top of my phone? After taking the whole thing off, it left my phone screen in an adhesive mess. I cleaned it and reapplied my original screen shield again.


Has anyone else had this problem? My phone works fine and is functional - it's just the cosmetic adhesive screen shield remanants. I'm afraid to take off the smaller pieces that got left behind.


I've only had the phone less than a month too!



Paper Tape
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Shattershield screen peeling - Class Action

Does anyone have any information regarding the Class Action Lawsuit that I've heard about regarding the problems with the Shattershield peeling off of the Z2 Force?


I've had my Z2 Force since the middle of August, have always had a screen protector on it, and yet the shattershield is already starting to peel off around the corner of my phone.  I paid $800 for this phone and it already looks like junk because of the screen.  I've spent hours on the phone with Motorola/Lenovo support, and was told that my only option was to send my phone back to them and they would replace the screen, but it would be a $50 charge.  WTH??  And the funny thing is, is that the last "escalated tech" that I talked to, Kimberly, admitted that this is a known defect in the Z2 Force and that she herself has spoken to numerous other people who have experienced the same thing.  Soooooo...... a brand new phone, a known defect, but yet you want to charge the customer $50 to have it fixed, AND I would be without my phone for 5-7 days?  How the heck does that seem "okay"???


If this had happened during my 30 days, I would have returned the phone.  I won't buy another Motorola/Lenovo phone because this whole incident has shown me that their customer service SUCKS!


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Shattershield screen peeling - Class Action

I will be sure to keep an eye on my screen to notice if it happens or not.



I just want to know how a company can obviously mess up like this and then want to charge the consumer to fix it instead of bending over backwards to make sure we are happy. 




In 2017 that crap doesnt fly any more moto lenovo.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Shattershield screen peeling - Class Action

I'd love to hear any info on this as well.  Mine is peeling also, so bad that my glass screen protector--which I use to prevent scratches on the scratch-prone shattershield--won't stay falt on the screen and now has unsightly airpockets around the edges wherever the shattershield is peeling up.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Shattershield screen peeling - Class Action

The same, exact issue is happening to me! 


I didn't call support for this. I ended up just taking my shattershield off. My phone still works - it's just a cosmetic issue now.


Here's the link to my own thread:

Bit Torrent
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Re: Moto Z2 Force Screen Shield Adhesive Came Off

Hi AppDude27, 


We have a replacement in place however, there will be a fee. If you wish to continue with the process, please contact our Customer Support at 1-800-734-5870. 




Moto Support 



What's DOS?
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Re: Moto Z2 Force Screen Shield Adhesive Came Off

Did you ever find out what the fee is for the shattershield replacement? Moto support wouldn't give me a quote unless I "pre-logged" my device, whatever that means.

Punch Card
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Re: Moto Z2 Force Screen Shield Adhesive Came Off

When i touch the bottom part of the screen around home button it feels like its unglued. It makes a sound on that spot only. This isnt under warranty? Do you really have to pay for this?

Paper Tape
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Screen is peeling Moto z2

I have spoke with Motorola and nothing will be done all they want to do is charge me $50 for a screen protector to be put on. I have been a long time customer and I am not happy . This is ridiculous I've had my phone 2 months . The screen is peeling and they will not fix it. I have a warranty the screen is supposed to be shatter proof ha it scratches easily , fine I'll out a screen protector on. But the fact that it's peeling even with having a screen protector on is ridiculous. Motorola needs to find a fix for this asap it should not happen and when it does they should stand behind the product!

Punch Card
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Re: Moto Z2 Force Screen Shield Adhesive Came Off

I am going to say unfortunately yes.  I believe I heard it said the cost is $50USD

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