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Punch Card
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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?

Thanks Andy!


I love thinkpads very much. I can't get over how comfortable the keyboard feels - very much like typing on a full size desktop keyboard.

more of that elegant black for me please!


as for the Software... I'm seriously considering getting Vista for my ThinkCentre.

Punch Card
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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?

I've been using notebooks for some years from consumer range to the business range of other brands.... at last, couple months ago got myself a ThinkPad... its a R61i.

Tho it maybe the junior of the ThinkPad range, i realy enjoyed it.... especially the keyboard.


Seeing how much I enjoy it, now my wife wants to get a ThinkPad too!


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ThinkPad R61i model 7732B7A, upgraded to 2x2gig ram, upgraded to Seagate 320gig HDD
Windows Vista Business 32bit with SP1
Fanfold Paper
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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?

Paper Tape
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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?

lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?

whoa a reserve edition... this is the first time i saw a reserve edition... beauty... the only downside is the cost... maybe that adds to the exclusivity. 

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
Paper Tape
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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?

Hello from Germany!


Let me remember...Ok, here my short list:





ThinkPad 755CDV

Thinkpad 765D

ThinkPad 770X

ThinkPad A31p





ThinkPad 710T

ThinkPad 730TE  (Stylus works under DOS, Win95 and GEOS/NewDeal)

IBM 9103-A22        (Got it from a nice guy in Thailand)





X61 (with Windows 7, Stylus AND Touchscreen!!)






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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?



Welcome to the forum!


How about posting a picture od would blow most people's minds...



In daily use: R60F, R500F, T61, T410

Collecting dust: T60

Enjoying retirement: A31p, T42p,

Non-ThinkPads: Panasonic CF-31 & CF-52, HP 8760W

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Paper Tape
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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?

Hello again from Freiburg, Germany!


Actually I do not have pictures from my own and first ThinkPad 755CDV, but believe me I have one ;-)


It has the possibillity to take away the back cover and so the LCD screen could be layed onto an overhead projector for presentations. And a rare feature is also built in: Video-In and Video-Out on the right side!


For you all I will post some pictures from another German site I found some minutes ago:




The normal look onto a rare Thinkpad 755CDV (with AC adpter and external floppy):




In operating mode (Windows 95 started):




A closer look inside (8x CD, battery, harddisk, floppy):




The rear LCD cover is off (nice to lay onto an overhead projector): 



LCD, special look on the foils:                    




The connections on the rear side (for: IR, floppy, docking, VGA, parallel, serial, AC):

 On the right side (opener, 2xpcmcia, Video-In, Video-Out, mouse):
On the left side (on/off, micro, headphone, opener): 
And at last the front side (LCD closed, CD inserted):
Please enjoy it!
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Retired SuperMod
Retired SuperMod
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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?

@ EPA,


Thanks for posting those. Priceless Smiley Happy



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Re: What kind of thinkpads do you have?

My one is ThinkPad X61. Smiley Happy
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