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Terrible Lenovo Products and Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I  purchased a Lenovo X220 last June, however, the fan went wrong within 30 days, but lenovo insists on not either refund nor replacement. So I went to a local branch, and it is out of stock. Since it is really inconvenient to reach, I just used that without go to the local branch again.


However, the system portion went wrong again within only 3 months after purchase. Again, as I need the computer everyday for my homework or projects, I waited until the semester is ended and at Febuary 7th, I went to the local repair center again. The guy said that he needed to diagnose the problem and I left my computer on that center. One day later, when I called him, he said that the system portion is defective and need to be replaced. however, it is backordered, and should be repaird wihin a couple of day. However, during the whole month, every time I call, he just told me that my case is in priority and will be solved tomorrow or the ealier the next week. But after one month, it is still at the local center without any repairment.


I called a taxi to pick it back and started to chat online with Lenovo post sale service, and the guys all insisting that this computer is "too old to give a replacement". nor they can do anything for you, nor you cannot speak with their managers or supervisors. I filed a complaint within the email, and they replied that some mysterious "Advocate Team" will assist you. I have looked another case within this forum,

that the Advocate Team will never reach you in two months. And it is obviously that I cannot wait for two months to have this issues solved. 


I asked for replacement or refund based on 1) the computer has 2 serious problem on the hardware, which means obviously quality issue; 2) the system portion is backordered and the technican do not know when the portion will be available again. 3) It is still within the 1 year warrenty and it is lenovo's responsibility to solve this problem. If this problem happened in China, China lenovo will certainly replace this computer due to that it cannot be solved through repairment. But here in the US, I am wondering if any of you kindly enough to tell me where I can appeal to? Are there any supervisor organization within the US or I can find a lawyer to fill in a lawsuit.

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