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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Outlet Poor Customer Service

First off I would like to start on a positive note. I absolutely love thinkpads. I currently own a t43 and the thing has run like a clock for well over 5 years. It is built like the proverbial brick $h!t house. I have been super excited about getting a new thinkpad. So here is where it goes downhill.


I order a w520 from the outlet site on 5/14 for a great price. There is a radio button on the order page for expedited order so I check that. I also chatted with an associate who said he would see that the order was handled as quickly as possible. Place his associate id in the field provided as well and im'd him the order number. 


It is 5/17 and I have an authorization on my credit card for the amount but the order still shows "In Production". I have asked several time when the item would be shipped and have been told within 24 to 48 hours several times. 


So then while I am drooling over site I find a much better deal, same laptop except more memory and a solid state drive. I immediately contact the outlet site and if there would be a charge to cancel my order. Still only shows as an authorization and "In Production" on the order status page. The tell me it could take 72 hours to process this and it going to be shipped anyway to my address. Then I will have to contact them for a return shipping label and ship it back to them. 


I ordered the other laptop and place that on my credit card as well because I didn't want to miss out on the deal. But I feel like the clock has started over and it's going to be 5 days before it's shipped and who knows how long before it's delivered.


So a few things... What is the point of having a expedited shipping option on the order form if the order really isn't expedited IMO. Why couldn't the associates I initially talked to set the correct expectation for "expedited" (I was quoted 24-48 hrs before it was shipped, last quote is now this Friday 5/18). There hasn't been an apology for setting incorrect expectations or anything.


I just have to say for the level of hardware that I am used to, the level of service isn't matching up. Hoping someone will see this and offer a suggestion or something. 

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Outlet Poor Customer Service

Unfortunately the problem lies in their disorganization as a company!  I personally think they have no clue what they are doing over there. 


At work, we experienced a boat load of problems with the new IdeaPad A1 tablet, everything from apps not working, the gps is disfunctional, and the firmware updates were not working.


When we sent it (we payed for a one-way shipping charge), they said it should be repaired AND returned in a week. Not only could they not fix it, they had to send us a brand new ideapad, with NONE of my apps we bought out of pocket installed! 


On top of it all, we experienced a 2-month delay after paying for shipping back to the company's wearhouse in Texas! SERIOUSLY **bleep**!?


We wrote a blog post about it, to get the word out about how atrocious their service is.


The only suggestion I could tell you Shirtycordog is that do not give up on getting the money you lost out for with shipping.  Demand that you want your money back for the charge of expedited shipping and if they refuse to do so, then you will unleash hell by airing your customer-service issues publicly, then turn to social media. This is what we are doing.


Hope this helps and I am sorry you have to now deal with similar issues as well. 




Justin Katz

Digital Media Associate



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Re: Lenovo Outlet Poor Customer Service



Sorry that your purchase experience has been less than stellar.   We'd like to help! 


Can you send me a PM with your order number?  Let's see what can be done to move this along...





Wow - that really sounds like an almost unbelievable string of bad luck at every turn.  It is hard to imagine that things could go so wrong and so unilaterally.  


I do apologize.  This is certainly not the type of service we expect to deliver or want to be known for.


I am very glad to read (via your blog post) that you did reach our customer relations team and were able to receive a replacement A1 system.


Please keep us posted on how that works out and if you need more help. 


Best regards,



Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Outlet Poor Customer Service

The customer support people I have dealt with have been honest with me.  To begin with though, when the screen wouldn't take different credit cards, and then accepted two while I was on the chat box, I began to have concerns.   When I asked for the ThinkPad by it's screen number, they didn't see it.  Then, I thought with all this delay, it has sold.  Meanwhile, I'm typing away (on my old ThinkPad, thank you) and THERE IT IS!!  Cut, paste, send, receive, copy, paste it into the chat box, and send.  Then, I let him "try something else with number here" and after several minutes, he sees it too.   So we buy a ThinkPad T430, without expedited, and I'm looking at about a week for cross-country to West coast.

Almost two weeks of reading in production, and then it ships and is here in three days.  Yes, mine isn't as much but I share the pain.

So, why did I buy a T430?  Because, I must be on my tenth one since I had a "butterfly" in 1995, and they are the picture of stability from use to abuse, and accutrak can't be beat.  They also have a keyboard layout that has hardly changed.  If you do ThinkPad, you're up and producing!  My T42p is getting tired, so I start shopping.  Meanwhile, my associate buys a "ThinkPad" E520 because it has a dedicated number pad.  Holy Moly!!!  No Delete key?   No Fn functions (the keys are there... but?)?  The start button is easy to find.

So, I shop carefully and find the T520 almost has everything so I'm not reduced to hunt and peck.  I get one, and I'm happy, except for size and weight are a little extra.  I keep T42p for road warrior use, but then a screw (after four years..) falls out, and mortality faces us.  On the internet again and there's the T430.  Looks good, but arrives with a T520 - E520 "HYBRID" keyboard.  You know those little gaps in the "F" keys?  Go ahead, find F4 by touch: GOOD-BYE LENOVO!    Ironically, it reminds me of IBM with OS/2 and Lotus 1-2-3...

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Outlet Poor Customer Service



You seem sincere, but come on!  Bad luck?  His experience is very common.  Huge repair delays due to backordered parts happen frequently with Lenovo Repair Depot.  You all at Lenovo need to face-up to a systematic problem.  This type of experience  JustinKatz describes isn't a quirk.

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