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Token Ring
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and Password Manager fix/patch on T410s

this patch works for my t500. thanks for link. works on ff 3.6.10.

Paper Tape
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and future add-on updates of Password Manager

i have t510 windows 7 64,

My lap take about 50s to start(until msn messenger start) and after  installed ff36patch--> take about 2:30 until msn messenger start (checked 2 times), i uninsall the patch and time are again 50s AND NOW  PASSWORD MANAGER ARE 100% WORKING ON FIREFOX 3.6.11

Serial Port
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and Password Manager fix/patch on T410s

Phew, glad I found this too.  Password Manager working again with no workarounds on T500 and FF 3.6.12

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and Password Manager fix/patch on T410s

Any word on getting this rolling for Firefox 4.0 beta?


It says that the Lenovo THinkvantage AddOn is compatable... but I haven't had sucess getting it to work yet.


Lenovo? Anyone?

Former Employee
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and Password Manager fix/patch on T410s

Hi all,

in case you would like to discuss the Firefox 4.0, then please open a new thread, because this one is pretty long and most unreadable. Smiley Happy

To answer the question: No I have not tested it till now. I'll give it a try, once it will be an official release, becasue I do have bad experience with initial Beta codes, which mostly only fails Smiley Wink


Punch Card
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and Password Manager fix/patch on T42

The firefox 3.6 patch does not support my system. I have a T42 2373-F1G running Windows XP SP3, Password Manager2 and CSS 7.00.35 The supported systems list for the T series starts at T43.

Any chance of a solution for my system from Lenovo? I bought it less than 5 years ago.


The password manager was one of the reasons I chose to buy this model. I was dismayed to see that it did not work with firefox after purchase. After a couple of years, I found the .xpi hack workaround which worked fine until firefox 3.6.14.


I was initially keen to try the Thinkfox hack described in this thread, but I can't found a homepage, a listing by Mozilla or documentation. I am sure it works, but am reluctant to trust an extension this mysterious with security matters.

Token Ring
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and Password Manager fix/patch on T42

If you're worried about the contents of the "Thinkfox" extension I described earlier in this discussion thread, don't be: it is just a bunch of Javascript routines that interface between the binary Lenovo Password Manager components of the extension and the Firefox password manager, and these Lenovo binary components are directly copied from an original version of Lenovo Firefox extension, as distributed with the Lenovo Password Manager/CSS. So there are few real security issues there.


What is relevant, though, is the version of Lenovo Password Manager/CSS that those Firefox extension components are copied from, which is version 8. They probably will not interface correctly with the rest of Lenovo's Password Manager's components from an erarlier version of CSS, as you have discovered.


There are things you can try: go back to the forum links I referrred to in my original posting, and try making your own version of the Thinkfox extension using the components from CSS 7.0. It may not work, though, because the firefox/lenovo binary components depend on the version of Firefox: binary extension components built for Firefox 2.x won't work in Firefox 3.x (and the same is true for Firefox 3.x vs. 4.x).


It's all a mess, I'm afraid: right now I am using the current Firefox 4.x beta as my browser--it's very stable--but without the convenience of my fingerprint unlocking the Firefox password manager, where I keep all my WWW passwords, which was the whole point of the ThinkFox extension.


Sorry I can't help.

Punch Card
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and Password Manager fix/patch on T42

Many thanks for your reply midi


It is helpfuI of you to desribe how it works for me.  I would probably be happier  making my own extension anyway, assuming it workedSmiley Wink.


I have found that if I use the "convenient" rather than "secure" option for password storage in Password Manager2 & nightly tester tools (to disable entension compatibility checking) I can still use it for firefox.  It rather defeats the security idea of things though.


I never thought I would consider using IE for online purchases!  Shame PM2  doesn't support Opera or Chrome.


CSS is so touchy, I gave up on installing the latest fingerprint software version as it seems I would need to uninstall CSS first (re-install involves an older version & then an update).


Token Ring
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and Password Manager fix/patch on T42

I hope I have not misunderstood your reply.


I do number of things to improve Password Manager (PWM) security: a) for all auto-filling web password PWM entries I care about, I ensure that a fingerprint is required for every autofill and that in any case, password entries are never *ever* auto-submitted once the form is filled; b) for the master password of Firefox's password manager, I install the Master Password+ extension that logs out the master password after a configurable number of seconds (that extension also does a whole range of other security relevant things, but master password auto-logout is the main thing); c) I always have the fingerprint sensitivity at the maximum level when enrolling and submitting fingerprints--it makes false rejections in submitting your fingerprint a little more frequent (especially when the finger is dirty or drier/wetter than when enrolled), but not so much as to impeed use significantly; d) I run as a limited user account and ensure that only fingerprint windows login is accepted for such accounts--cuts out shoulder-surfing in public surroundings.

Token Ring
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Re: Firefox 3.6 and Password Manager fix/patch on T42

Just so people understand: I'm afraid my version of the Thinkfox extension is just a cut-and-paste update based on the
original. I'm limited a) by my lack of Javascript
coding knowledge generally, and knowledge about the Mozilla/Firefox
toolkit platform in particular, as well as b) by the fact that the
link between Firefox and the Lenovo Password Manager has to be based
on binary components which only Lenovo can provide.

The Mozilla/Firefox toolkit platform has changed in version 4.0 such
that the old binary components provided by Lenovo for Firefox 3.X no
longer work.

If/when Lenovo releases an extension for Firefox 4.0, then I'll see if
my cut/paste hack will work once more, or if can figure out the necessary changes in the Javascript to make it work.

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