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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

Nope, doesn't work either. I'm going to either refund mine or if Best Buy has an exchange policy, exchange it. My uncle who bought a Y510P is having the same issue as me, how does a repair via mail work if he is still under this 3 year warranty?
Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

i'm not sure i understand your question. are you asking how the process works or something else?
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

I am having the EXACT same problem.
Crackling on both the speakers AND the headphones when plugged in.

Really annoying. HOWEVER, it is significantly decreased when I turn the laptop battery settings into balanced.
The problem gets a lot more obvious when it is set in High Performance mode.


I am disappointed in Lenovo. Please, get this fixed. I have had this laptop for no longer than 4 months and this already happens? Come on. 


Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

I found a solution that works for me... so far.


1) Uninstall Lenovo's Energy Management program.

2) Create a new power plan and name it whatever you want.

3) Navigate: "Edit Plan Settings" > "Change Advance Power Settings."

4) Click on the plus sign next to the dropdown title "Processor Power Management."

5) Click on the plus sign next to the dropdown title "Maximum processor state."

6) Change the value of "Plugged in:" from 100 to 95.


Never received any crackling/popping sounds yet, so I hope this works for the rest of the laptop's lifetime. See if this works for you... unfortunately, my uncle's laptop (Y510P) was defective and he ended up refunding it.



I just realized that my computer was switching between "dongbae" and "dongbae2," those were the two accounts that I created on Lenovo (because I forgot the first one's password), and my computer has those two accounts' credentials memorized and auto-signs onto this forum whenever I go into it. :/

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

This fixed my problem, I didnt have to uninstall power managmement though and mine isn't crackling on 98% power. Side note: set the max cpu power to 95% (98% for me) for both when it is plugged in and battery. Thanks you helped a lot! Now I do my have to return the laptop!
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

Hi Dongbae,


First of all, a big thank you! I've spent months looking for a solution and yours is working fine. I hope this workaround will last and Lenovo to find a way to fix this issue permanently.


Thanks again! I'll spread the words to other frustrated users.

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

check if you have the nVidia HD sound installed or any nVidia sound driver - some VGA drivers have it inside and istall it automaticaly
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

I had the same problem, but nothing helped me. I was shure that it was the audio driver, because in lenovo site the driver version for my y510p was 6.0.1..... but my laptop came with 6.3..... and it did not want update (it says that it was up to date) I tried to install the driver from lenovo, but no change. So today when I saw this post and I tried everything in it, nothing happened, so again I went back to my driver idea , and what did i see. I was able to roll back my audio driver, and I did it (it rolled back to 6.3....) so then I tried to update it from 6.3... and this time it worked(via internet), it found that there was a newer driver (the one from lenovo). And after installing it I reset the system and everything is fine for now. No crackling, no popping it is clear, even no high performance (on 100% max cpu state).

This helped me, so I hope it will help you too.
P.P. My english is not on a very high level, so sorry for that. Smiley Happy

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

Well guys I solved mine problem like this:

well I noticed this crackling sound comes mostly from the left speaker. I tried to press it and actually it diminished.

What I did...well I just put my laptop baterry in and locked it. The crackling sound stopped.

It turns out to be the baterry compound lock switch which plays and vibrates and gives that bad sound. Thrust me...I know it`s stupid and funny...but everytime when I put my laptop battery back it dissapears.

When you put something there to hold the lock switch in place.... not to play or just feel the gaps in the battery compartement it all goes ok. Works like charm. I helped a few friends. One had a gap in the plastic below the speaker which we filled with rubberized tape pads.

Well a time ago I had one more problem with the sound which were coming from I/O errors from my cache. It turned out to be the caching program. I fixed that, but later on I started to use my 128GB SSD on the m.2 like boot drive.


The thing with the power and some of the drivers works cause the drivers are all the same...the difference is the power boost of the sound they give. The newest drivers push your sound to the max and make it more loud. This is the thing- more powerfull loud and crystal sound...and that loud vibrations make the parts, switches and the plastic below the laptop to vibrate and gives that crackling. The loudest the sound - the more crackling or static ( it`s not really static ) you will receive.


Just try this with the battery if you have yours out or just check if the lock switches have any play.....try to get everything below put tight or hold it while pressing it moderately and test it. It does not cost anything to try it...I`m not jokking. Maybe half of the problems comes from this.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound

I have something similar. Someone or admin please help me!!!! (im using lenovo y510p laptop)

So today everything was working fine and stuff. THen there was a outage at my house for 1 min. power went off then turn back on. so i turn my computer back on and My audio is not working. It says "the Audio Servie is not Running" dunno what it mean. WHen i go on "davice Manager" and go to "sound"  there was yellow mark under Intel saying its not running. So i thought i restart my pc, and after i did and go back to Davice Manager the Intel davice audio is gone. Now i can't heard anything from Youtube or playing game. Please help. 

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