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What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro won't turn on

I've had my yoga 2 for almost a year and a half. Right after my geek squad warranty ran out it just stopped working. The box on the power cord used to get hot so I'm hoping it's just the power cord that doesn't work? The only sign of life I get is the light next to the battery icon on the side is lit up only when it's plugged in. Any other suggestions? 

Serial Port
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro won't turn on

I have experienced this on more than one Yoga.  I think that the USB connection and its charger are not like the standard ones - there seem to be six (rather than the standard 4) connectors in the ones we received from Lenovo.  When connected to new charging units (cable and charger), they came back to life.


The complicating issue for me was the lack of replacements.  I finally bought a new Yoga Tab 3 and its recharger worked for the earlier tablet.  I now have an extra, perfectly working Tablet which shares its recharger with the new Tablet.


The other not obvious, but related cause was that by using the faulty charger, the tablet was never getting a full charge - it seemed to be strong enough to give a partial charge, but not enough to overcome the difficulty of charging a completely discharged device.


I cannot verify all of my explanation, so please consider it speculation.  But for me the solution worked more than once.

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Re: Yoga 2 Pro won't turn on

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