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Re: Miix 2 Touchscreen failure

BoraYurtoren wrote:
Do you have 8" or 10" version? Also I believe you mean digitizer cable, since the problem is with the digitizer and miix2 does not have a keyboard.

I have the 8" version, and yes I meant digitizer cable. Note that I have not had a digitizer issue since I re-attached the cable. Over 6 months now and now issues. My 8" Miix is still working well and now running Windows 10.


Apologies for the late reply.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Miix 2 Touchscreen failure

Just checking to see if anybody came up with a solution for the 10" version. Seems not. :-(


As I mentioned before, 8" and 10" versions of Miix 2 are totally different in every way. They are so different that I believe they should not even be discussed under the same topic, it becomes very confusing for the followers.


Just to clear the confusion for future readers of this topic:


1) The solution mentioned as the "youtube" solution or the "hardware" solution or the "flex cable" solution is purely for the 8" version. Although the problem seems to be the same, this solution CAN NOT be applied to the 10" version because of the major hardware differences.


2) The problem is not software (OS, driver, BIOS etc) oriented. It is a HARDWARE problem. 


3) If you have a 10" with touch screen problems as I do, there is still NO SOLUTION for you.


I will never buy anything that says LENOVO on it again. Their attitude towards their customers is ridiculuos.  

What's DOS?
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Re: Miix 2 Touchscreen failure

I agree with you.

I have the same problem and checked all the software solutions presented in this thread. The last thing is hardware fixing.

On one hand, I don't have access to lenovo official support in my country. On the other hand, disassembling of it is different and harder than 8". Thus, a regular user can't do it by itself without any expert guide (like the one presented for 8" at youtube).

So, i always have to take my tab with a mouse or keyboard cases Smiley Sad
I don't have ability to change my device or buy a new one Smiley Sad

Please, if any one have any experience about 10", tell it.
What's DOS?
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