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ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse buttons stop working

My ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse is a truly wonderful device, except that ever so often the mouse buttons stop working; e.g., I can click on the X close icon at the top right of a window and nothing happens. I've found that running through all the possible button clicks, including tilting of the scroll wheel, will get it working again. My assessment is that the Lenovo Mouse Suite software gets confused ever so often about the state of the mouse buttons; i.e., software problem, not a hardware problem. Frequency is about 1 event in 20 hours of use. What must I do to get support?


Windows 7 x64 with all updates

ThinkPad X220 with integrated Bluetooth

Lenovo Mouse Suite: 6.47 (upgrading to 6.48)


UPDATE: Just had this happen again (still running 6.47). Tried lots of things with the mouse and the only thing that resolved the problem was to tilt the mouse wheel (first to the left and then to the right).


UPDATE: I've recently had the scroll wheel tilt left and right assigned to Backward and Forward respectively, and I don't recall having this problem before I made those assignments, so I've changed both of those assignments to Disabled to see if that makes a difference. I've also updated the Mouse Suite software to version 6.48.



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Re: ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse buttons stop working

From further investigation:


100% Reproducible Failure


When I opened Firefox 11.0 with only a single tab, the window control icons (Minimize, Maximize, Close) would highlight properly on mouseover and work properly when clicked. When I then opened or switched to another tab, there was no highlighting on mouseover and they no longer responded to clicks. Other mouse actions did work properly, including window control icons in other applications I tested.


I uninstalled and then reinstalled Firefox 11.0, set it to a new empty profile, but the problem persisted. I checked for other reports of this problem in Firefox, and while I did find a (very) few similar reports, I found nothing to indicate a general problem in Firefox.


Successful Fix


I uninstalled ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse, Lenovo Mouse Suite, ThinkPad UltraNav Utility, ThinkPad UltraNav Driver, and rebooted, which installed just the TrackPoint with the Microsoft PS/2 Compatible Driver, and the problem did not recur. I think installed the two UltraNav packages with System Update, and then the Lenovo Mouse Suite with the ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse, and the problem still did not recur. It continues to work properly.


My Assessment

My assessment is that something subtle had gotten screwed up in Lenovo UltraNav and/or Mouse Suite, which was corrected by uninstalling and then reinstalling everything. I do not think this is a problem in Firefox.

John ~ ThinkPad T460p
[ Win8.1Pro64 | i5-6440HQ | 16GB | 1TB SSD | WQHD | 802.11ac | BT | Cam | FR ]
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Re: ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse buttons stop working

This was happening to my firefox as well... driving me nuts! 


I unloaded the lenovo mouse suite and it was fine... Guess I'll just forego the mouse suite until they provide an update.

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Re: ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse buttons stop working

I have the same problem, but only on maximized windows.  It happens periodically, regardless of applicaiton.  If I unmaximize the offending window, the left mouse button works fine.  I'm going to try your "uninstall/reinstall" and see what happens.

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