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What's DOS?
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Re: Crack in X220 casing + poor support

The crack isn't actually through the base cover, thankfully. It's in the palmrest. But your suggestion led me to see that replacement pieces aren't so hard to find. Thanks for the info.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Crack in X220 casing + poor support

That's even easier to replace and it will not void your warranty as well, anything that is classified as a CRU (Customer Replacement Unit) you can replace and still retain your warranty. You can find the palmrest on eBay with or without the fingerprint reader, transferring an existing FPR from your damaged palmrest is a very easy task. It is also quite a cheap part to replace as well so my suggestion is to go for it! Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: Crack in X220 casing + poor support

I have a crack in the bottom left of my palm rest of my NEW T530. It appeared as a hairline crack, sort of like a strees crack about 3 months after I took it out of the box. Just today all I did was close the lid and a piece chipped off. Now there is aactually a piece missing. This is located in the corner near the Core i7/Windows7 stickers. I have read all over about this on different accounts on different machines. Not only am I an end user of this Lenovo product but I am a VAR and I am trying to sell these to my clients. There ALWAYS seems to be something wrong from DOA hard drives to dead pixels but there are fine print loopholes.Lenovo, I am looking to HP if I cannot get my palm rest replaced under warranty. DO THE RIGHT THING. 



Punch Card
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Re: Crack in X220 casing + poor support

Dear all,


I have been living with a crack in my x220 at the exact same spot as the OP of this thread for 5 months now, the laptop is 1 year old. 


I have 2 year warranty but it's just the default warranty extended. I don't imagine it will be covered in warranty so I never bothered to try and get it replaced.


Plus I think it's a design defect.


I hope the x230 has corrected this issue and I wish lenovo would make aware of it's service centers/providers of this as a physical design defect from lack of internal reinforcing.

Paper Tape
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Re: Crack in X220 casing + poor support

I have a similar crack in my palmrest on my X220 as well. It appeared about six months after I received the laptop. In addition, I have some cracks on the plastic that holds the display. I also treat my laptop very well.


I was under the impression that Lenovo made a quality laptop. Perhaps Dell would prefer to get my money when it comes time to upgrade.

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