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Fanfold Paper
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x301 and f3507g disgrace


The x301 isn't cheap. I paid top dollar for a top of the line laptop.


Having reliable "internet" on the move is not too much to ask. It is an absolute necessitiy.


Every day I see the $200 netbook crowd happily using their  3g access while I'm left unconnected and in a bind with my $4000 x301 thanks to the f3507g.



The ericsson f3507g is by far the worst product I have ever crossed.

- It does not work reliably in any configuration.

- The 101 'fixes' touted around this board and others don't won't. They get your hopes up and five minutes later it drops out again.... reboot/turn off the adaptors/ try again.try something else..... waste hour after hour



The ericsson f3507g is a piece of junk that isn't fit to be sold.


Rumour has it there is a firmware update that fixes all the problems, "but we can't have it".


Does anyone know if there an alternative non-ericsson modem that works that can be installed in the x301?




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Re: x301 and f3507g disgrace

We haven't used this 300's with WWAN cards but what seems to be ubiquitous with every card and provider is their "connection manager" software which insidioulsy exacts an arbitrary and inconsistent from of QoS.


I'm assuming you've already seen Ratman's video about "unlocking Lenovo's cards",  if you haven't than don't bother responding and don't even bother posting on this forum again since it is the third google result when querying  for just   f3507g and it would mean you didn't try to fix the problem before coming here.


Sprint and Verizon's connection managers have been exposed for disconnecting users based on the amount of time they've been online and during congested rush hour. Regardless if the user was active and visiting pages, the Connection Manager would kick their connection even in the middle of downloads.


Sprint Connection Manager can be replaced with a Windows Dial Up Networking connection and a phone number #777,  / no user ID or password since CDMA cards ESN's are provisioned instead of GSM SIM's providing authorized access.


It may be worth the effort researching for your cellular providers direct number  and their "dial Up networking" settings and you may already have this info inside a DUN shortcut created by the card's installation package.


Create a new DUN connection and use it instead of the included dialup software and you may notice a dramatic improvement when using something different than the inlcluded software.

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Re: x301 and f3507g disgrace

@smullen wrote:


- It does not work reliably in any configuration.


I have a  F3507g is a T400 and it works very well with Telstra Mobile Broadband Next G.


Which 3G Service are you using?






I don't work for Lenovo
Fanfold Paper
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Re: x301 and f3507g disgrace

There are two versions of ERICSSON f3507g one is Australian and other is USA. 

You can ask Warranty about them, total of 4 WWAN cards available for this machine.

I think the USA Version of f3507g  works with Australian NEXT G. (I think).

That would probably solve your problem.. (Wrong bands thanks to Telstra).


Happy to help Smiley Happy
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Paper Tape
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Re: x301 and f3507g disgrace

any  idea on which version we need  to use in Europe ( Orange/OBS ) ?


Thanks in advance

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Re: x301 and f3507g disgrace

I never tried the f3507, but I used a MD400 and a W995 that are based on the same chipset, they are (by far) the best  HSUPA 7.2 modems, I ever tried.


And after  12 years of mobile internet I tried something like 100 different devices.


So "big problems" and "ericsson" modems doesn't sounds good to my hears.

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