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x201 laggy touchpad/trackpoint

i really want to quenstion myself why i chose thinkpad instead of an acer kind of notepad which is of just half price.


my copy of x201i, has a very serious problem with the touchpad and trackpoint, but unfortunately on the irregular basis. intermittently, the touchpad can become very laggy, even when the computer is totally idle. the summary of the symptom is as follows:


- touchpad is laggy, trackpoint is only a little bit less smooth compared to regular state (but still consider usable)

- touchpad is deadly laggy, trackpoint becomes notably laggy too

- after a while (on average less than 5 minutes), the problem automatically disappear

- external mouse and keyboard function regularly all the time

- cannot conclude in what situation the problem will occur and disappear, hence cannot replicate in a controlled way



and, i have tried the followings, none of it helps get rid of the problem


- re-installed most of the drivers using System Update

- uninstalled most of the drivers

- reset the system back to factory state (win 7), without any additional software/driver/updates installed

- re-setup the system using XP, the problem even occurred when i am still in the XP installation screen (the blue one).



i hesitate to go to the service centre because i know i am going to get nothing useful there, especially when i have difficulty in replicating the problem easily. so just try my luck here and hope someone can help me.

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Re: x201 laggy touchpad/trackpoint

Does it happen if you run on the battery only?

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Paper Tape
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Re: x201 laggy touchpad/trackpoint

i will try it out. thanks.

Paper Tape
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Re: x201 laggy touchpad/trackpoint

regargless. on battary, plugged with/without battary, the problem persists.

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