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Other pens for x220t?

Hello there. I want to start off buy saying I bought my x220t multitouch tablet pc around December (i5 processor, 8 gb RAM, all the bells and whistles), and I LOVE it!  The only thing I'm looking to upgrade on it is the pen.  For me the pen works absolutely fine; however, when I upgraded to the tablet pc, I was upgrading from a Wacom Intuos4 tablet.  I absolutely loved the pens that come with the Wacom tablets have 2 buttons (usually a left and right click button), and I find it increasingly annoying to use CS5 without being able to have a pen button set to pan/scroll and the other set to brush options. 


So basically I was wondering if anyone knows a pen in existence or in development that will be compatible with the x220 tablet that has these characteristics.  Of course it'd be grand if it fit in the pen slot on my laptop, but worst case scenario it doesn't.  Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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Re: Other pens for x220t?

The X220T uses the same Wacom pen as all other Wacom Enabled pens. (like Toshiba M200, many e-readers etc). These pens are not compatible with any of the recent Wacom tablets (like Graphice, Bamboo, Intuos etc). 


I've seen many other pens for Wacom enabled tablets, but non of them had two buttons. I do not know whether this is even possible.


The Dell Latitude Tablets use a pen with two buttons, but the small one just switches to earease function, it's not mappable.  

Token Ring
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Re: Other pens for x220t? <-- fujitsu (i've not used it on the x220, but you can see it demonstrated in the video)


It won't fit in the holster, but it looks like a good pen.


He has some good videos about tips and tricks using the x220 tablet, so some of them are worth a watch. He also replied to my questions very quickly, and was very helpful.

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