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  • What is an image gallery and how do I view it?

    An image gallery is a collection of images that you or other community members have uploaded. Each community member who has permission to upload images has an image gallery. You can view your own image gallery as well as the image galleries of other community members. When you look at another user's gallery, you see the approved images that the user has chosen to share

    To view your image gallery:

    1. Go to your profile page.
      A preview of your image gallery appears on the right.
    2. Click View Image Gallery.

    To view another user's image gallery:

    1. Click the community member's user name to go to that user's profile page.
      A preview of that user's shared images appears on the right.
    2. Click View Image Gallery.
  • How do I upload an image to my image gallery?

    Starting from your image gallery, you choose the image and name it. There are size limitations, of course, and a community moderator must approve your image before it appears in your gallery or you can insert it in a post

    To upload an image to your image gallery:

    1. Go to your profile page.
    2. Click View Image Gallery.
    3. Click Browse and select an image file to be uploaded.
      A preview of the image.
    4. Type a title for the image.
    5. Click Hide in Gallery (Private) to make this image private.
      Private images never appear when other community members view your image gallery. They only appear if you insert the image in a post.
    6. Click Save to Gallery.
  • How do I use an uploaded image as my personal avatar?

    You can use any approved image you've uploaded as your personal avatar.

    To use an uploaded image as your personal avatar:

    1. Sign in to the community.
    2. Go to My Settings > Avatars.
    3. Click From Your Image Gallery or From Uploaded Images.
    4. Click the image to use as your personal avatar.

  • How do I insert an image in a post?

    You can insert images from your computer (this uploads the image to your gallery), from your image gallery (if the image has been approved), or from another location on the web.

    To insert an image in a post:

    1. Start a new post.
    2. Click Insert Image in the editor’s tool bar (it looks like a tree).
    3. Choose one of the image source options and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • My friends can't see the images I've uploaded. Where are they?

    For your protection, your community requires a moderator to approve all uploaded images before the can be displayed. Although you can see your uploaded images that are awaiting approval or flagged for review, other community members who view your images can only see the ones that have been approved.

  • What is a private image?

    A private image is one that only you can see. Each time you upload an image, you can decide whether you want that image to appear in your image gallery. If you choose no, the image is private. Remember, a moderator must approve all uploaded images before your can use them in a post or display them in your gallery.

    To change the privacy setting for an image:

    1. In your gallery page, click the check box below the image you want to change.
    2. Click Image Options > Make All Checked Images Public or Private.