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Migraine/vertigo trigger -- why? G7 is fine!

2020-10-25, 20:39 PM

Hi, I had a head injury 8 years ago that left me with chronic migraine, migraine-associated vertigo, and severe fluorescent light intolerance.


Finding a phone is extremely difficult because many of them trigger my migraines and vertigo just like fluorescent lights do.


I currently have a Moto g7 and it's been fine with a blue light blocker app always on. However, it's old and I need to upgrade.


I've previously tried a couple OLED screen phones and they were bad, bad news. I also tried an iphone XR though and it was also bad. Most recently, I got the Moto G Stylus and it, too, triggers me.


I thought it was the flicker rate of the OLED screens and the blue light, but that wouldn't be the case with the XR and G Stylus (both using the same blue light blocker app as I use on my g7).


Any ideas what else it could be? What is different between the g7 screen and the G Stylus screen!?


I'm at a loss.


I'm okay with most (maybe all) laptop screens, and my HP Chromebook is fine even using it plus my g7 all day long (I school online).


Any ideas what with the Stylus could be triggering me? I thought the screen was pretty similar to the G7's?


Thanks for any help!!


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Re:Migraine/vertigo trigger -- why? G7 is fine!

2020-10-27, 9:28 AM

I have suffered from Migraines all my life so I know where you are coming from. Fortunately Smartphones are not one of my triggers.


Could it be the screen refresh rate as the old 50Hz can cause me eye strain but isn't used much these days. Research the difference of the refresh rate in Hertz between the present G7 and the others.



Also how bad is your G7 ? e.g why do you think you need to change?


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Re:Migraine/vertigo trigger -- why? G7 is fine!

2020-10-27, 11:09 AM

FWIW, just checked my G7 Power and my G Pro (similar to G Stylus) and they both have a 60Hz refresh rate (G7 slightly under, G Pro slightly over) but my G7 Power is HD where my G Pro is FHD, otherwise pretty much identical.

I'm in the UK so US models might be different.
Web site I used to check is



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Re:Migraine/vertigo trigger -- why? G7 is fine!

2020-11-03, 14:42 PM

I'm one of those who has gotten debilitating migraines since birth.  Any electronic screen can be a trigger- computer, phone, CRT & LED TV, etc. Even fluorescent bulbs in North America (60 hz) can trigger. (European frequency is 50 hz, so fluorescents there are a quick trigger.)


What I Learned From A Neurologist:

Step 1: Limit screen time before taking a moment to look away. A few moments away is all it takes.  CRT are the worst, so certainly limit time viewing CRT screens.

Step 2: Lower screen brightness is helpful. It should be equal to the ambient light, not brighter nor dimmer.

Step 4: Contrast is important. The lower the contrast when under artificial light, the better. 

Step 5: Color Inversion can be helpful if the phone is capable.  (The stylus is capable. The feature is in Settings - Accessibility. I use it when I'll be at the screen for a time.)

Step 6: Sumatriptan if all else fails.


For me, Steps 1 & 5 work the best to keep the migraine away. Step 6 is the helper if a migraine starts.


Also important to note is that all plastics give off petro-chemical fumes for some time after they are made. It's commonly called "out gassing" & is a huge migraine trigger for many- me included. 


We often can't smell it, but sometimes can.  The 'new-car smell' everyone adores is out-gassing.

One may think the phone's screen settings are the cause when it's the out-gassing of the plastics triggering the migraine.


Let the phone sit outside of the case as much as possible. Let the phone & case ventilate. This can take weeks. Try to keep the phone away from your face when it's warm or hot.


So far, for me using the Stylus hasn't triggered. I hope you all can find relief from the suffering soon! It sure can be a day-wrecker.



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