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Moto G7 Power Battery Issue

2020-03-03, 11:06 AM
I am re-posting this because I accidentally accepted a solution and fear that post will no longer get required attention. I have also updated the details, as the problem as gotten even worse since the original post. I have seen this issue come up in some older posts, but I'm not sure if they've been resolved. I have been having MAJOR problems with the battery not lasting as long as it used to... I believe this coincided with an update at the beginning of December. This morning was a perfect example: I charged my phone over night (full charge), took it off the charger when I woke up, put it face down on the counter with the screen off, then I double-checked it before I got in the shower. It had already dropped to 88% after only 7 minutes of being disconnected... Then, within a minute, it dropped to 86%! I'm now at 80% after being unplugged for only 42 minutes and MINIMAL use (I was in the shower, drying off, and getting dressed for about half of that time with the phone screen off). The battery usage page shows only that I've used Chrome for 19 minutes (scrolling through this forum and re-posting) and no other apps. I bought this phone for the amazing battery—and it was amazing at the beginning, when I got two full days out of a charge—but the performance has dropped to an unacceptable level. I have tried a few different things, starting as simple as turning off Location and Bluetooth to uninstalling the updates for the Google Play Launcher (I saw this suggested on another forum)...but nothing seems to be helping. (Screenshots uploaded)
Screenshot_20200303-052821.png Screenshot_20200303-052843.png Screenshot_20200303-060244.png

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Re:Moto G7 Power Battery Issue

2020-03-03, 13:11 PM

Sometimes bad data can get stuck in the Ram which can keep apps open when they shouldn't be. Try a Soft-Reset. Press and hold the Power button until the phone restarts and see

if that clears the problem. This is a non-data destructive operation.



HTH :)


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